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Beginner’s 101

How to take CBD Oil

There are so many benefits to taking CBD oil. It can be a great way to promote overall well-being as well as relaxation. If you are looking for different ways to take CBD oil and want to get a bit more creative, then you are in the right place.

What is CBD Hemp Oil used for 

CBD oil is super versatile and can be added to some of your favorite dishes, drinks, and recipes. Below you will find 6 ways to easily incorporate CBD into your diet from recipes to simple ways to mask the taste. We included our favorite ways to take CBD for those who don’t like the earthy hemp flavor the drops have. Check out the 6 ways to take CBD oil below!

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1. CBD Oil in Coffee

Coffee is such a staple in many of our morning routines, but did you ever think of drinking CBD Coffee? It can be an easy way to integrate something great for your body into your morning routine. CBD coffee is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Taking CBD with your coffee is similar to taking CBD in a dropper or tincture in that it takes some figuring out to establish your perfect dose. It’s a great way to subtly integrate CBD into your daily routine if your not someone who likes to remember grabbing a small vial of oil every morning.  Your morning coffee has just been elevated.

2. CBD Oil in Tea

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Tea can already be a nice relaxing beverage with many health properties, but did you ever consider CBD tea? For many years people around the world have used hemp for its plethora of properties, beneficial for well-being. CBD is an easy way to gain the benefits of this plant.  Almost all hemp flowers contain some CBD so every tea containing hemp flowers falls into the category of CBD tea. Extra CBD extracts are sometimes added to the tea. This just depends on the manufacturer.

3. CBD Gummies

Looking for a sweet snack with many benefits for your health and well-being? CBD gummies might be something to consider if you’re someone with a sweet tooth.  CBD gummies are great for supporting daily well-being, relaxation, and maintaining balance.

Curious to learn more about CBD gummies? Check out our article here all about CBD Gummies.

4. How to add CBD to Smoothies

If you are someone who enjoys drinking smoothies in the morning or for a snack this could be a great way to have a calm and healthy start to your day. Mask the taste of the CBD oil in the smoothie with some sweet fruit like mango or pineapple.

5. CBD Desserts

Have you heard of CBD desserts before? Similar to gummies if you are someone who doesn’t like the earthy hemp flavor of CBD this can be a great way to mask the taste. It’s possible to purchase pre-made CBD desserts like brownies or chocolate. You can also make CBD desserts at home from recipes like homemade chocolate chip cookies with CBD to Chocolate mousse infused with CBD oil. There are so many possibilities!

The key ingredient is high-quality CBD oil. We recommend you check out these here!

6. Taking CBD: The under-the-tongue Method

This last method is one of the most effective ways to take CBD. Place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue and hold it for approximately 60 seconds. This allows the compound to dissolve and diffuse into your bloodstream through the tissues in your tongue. Take a spoonful of honey at the same time if you prefer something sweet over an earthy flavor.

Looking for more ways to mask the natural taste of CBD? Read more in this article on how to make CBD oil taste better.

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