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Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

Author of over 20 books on holistic health, wellbeing and spirituality

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Jane is the author of over twenty non-fiction books in the field of mind body spirit and wellbeing. Titles include the bestselling Spirit of the Home (HarperCollins), The Energy Secret (Kyle), Wellbeing and Mindfulness (Carlton), The Smudging and Blessings Book (Sterling) and Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living (Kyle).

She has appeared frequently on television and radio and is often quoted in the press as an expert on wellbeing and spirituality.
Jane is also a well-respected journalist who has been writing about health and wellbeing for the last 30 years. Her work has appeared in the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Express, Guardian, Times, Evening Standard, YOU magazine, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Woman & Home, Psychologies, The Simple Things and many more. She has a regular column in Natural Health magazine.

Jane grew up in a family which was fascinated by natural forms of wellbeing and the arcane. She learned tarot and yoga from the age of seven and went on to study Kabbalah, herbalism, homeopathy and flower remedies from her teens. She has also trained in past life therapy, shamanism and SHEN.
Jane has a very down-to-earth and pragmatic approach to spirituality and wellbeing. She insists she is no “guru” (despite often being given the label) but rather sees herself as an interpreter and cheerleader, inspiring people to make practical changes that support health and happiness.

"We live in a frenetic world and few of us have the time to devote our lives to perfection. Even small changes and tweaks can make a huge difference so do what feels good, kind and nourishing to your body and mind."


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