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CO2 extraction

CO2 extraction

At Endoca our specialty is high-pressure extraction using natural supercritical carbon dioxide as a solvent.

Using just CO2 extraction we are able to get different extracts from one raw material. Products made using CO2 extraction are rich in natural flavor, have higher concentrations of active ingredients, and high in fragrant scents.

For this reason, CO2 extraction is useful in many different cases.

Endoca products

We have several extraction machines on a pilot, production, and laboratory scale. Their capacity ranges greatly from a few kilograms to several tons of input material per day, with a total of 1400 botanical raw materials per year. We also extract and fractionate liquid in addition to solid materials.

At Endoca, our machines are state-of-the-art technology, and are constantly being inspected, optimized, and maintained by expert authorities. The plants are made with modern technology ensuring a reliable extraction process and excellent results every time.

CO2 cylinder

Why choose Endoca supercritical
fluid extraction with CO2?

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How To Extract CBD Oil From Hemp With CO2
CO2 extraction device

Basically, supercritical fluid extraction with CO2 can create a pure product filled with the beneficial extracts you need!

You don’t need to compromise on the quality and purity.

Supercritical CO2 HEMP extraction EXAMPLE:

CO2 Extraction Information

Advantages of supercritical CO2 extraction:


CO2 is inexpensive, not explosive or combustible, germicidal, free of bacteria and mobile


Products and residues are solvent-free


Fragrances and aromas stay the same

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Pure extracts can be made in just a few steps

selective extract and fractionate

It’s possible to selectively extract and fractionate

CO2 recycling

CO2 is recycled within the plant thus not causing any environmental issues like conventional solvents

Can handle heat sensitive materials

Heat sensitive materials are gently treated

Continuous Extraction Technology

Continuous extraction technology has been at the forefront of our research and development for many years at Endoca. This has resulted in the successful application of the technology for a wide range of products in the beverage and food industries.

In continuous extraction technology, four extraction steps are combined in one. This versatile equipment allows for shorter extraction times and higher quality extracts in a continuous process.

Some key benefits of this technology are

high yield icon

High yield

Operating cost reduces

Low operating costs

reliable extraction

Repeatable & reliable extraction

Easily scalable

Easy scale-up

Solid box

High solids content

Applications for CO2 Extraction

Hemp cream

Personal care & fine fragrances

Easily add flavoring to any drink from nature

Foods and flavoring

Vitamin capsules on a table with a plant behind them

Dietary supplements

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