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Leora Erlichman-Gross

Leora Erlichman-Gross

Customer Experience Manager

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Starting out at a social justice publishing house in my home city of Melbourne, I have continued creating pathways to improving the lives of those in my community, through cannabis education and autonomy.

With a background in Literature and Communication Design, I emigrated from Australia to the UK with the intention of further developing my publishing portfolio, however heard the call of the burgeoning cannabis industry and fell into step with one of the biggest names in CBD.

Throughout my half decade of cannabis industry experience, I have carved my way through a diverse range of roles, from cannabis content editing, creation, and social media management to distribution and community management. However I now keep myself busy running The Endoca Foundation, improving day-to-day user experiences as Endoca’s Customer Care Manager, and every so often engage myself in writing cannabis based content for the Endoca blog.

"The only logical and compassionate way forward is to remove the stigma around cannabis, and start educating people on how to use cannabis with confidence."


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