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Beginner’s 101

4 Easy ways to find your CBD dose

Whether you’re a total newbie or a CBD connoisseur, finding your ideal dose and getting results with your CBD takes some work and patience. 

To get you feeling better, faster, it’s important to keep a close eye on your CBD regimen. This means knowing how much CBD your body needs, and what product works best for it. By keeping a CBD dosing diary, you’ll be well and truly on the road to improving your wellbeing, and attaining the results you’re after. 

We’ll take you through the best ways to know which dose, products, and potencies are right for you. Here are a few of the more simple ways to know your dosage?

How to dose CBD?

1 Waste Not, Want Not.

First off, it’s fair to say that high quality CBD comes with the price tag to match, so you don’t want to waste it through dosing too much, too little, or through incorrect use. If you follow the up-titration method, starting with a low dose and increasing it slowly, you’ll give your body the chance to let you know when you’ve reached your CBD ‘sweet spot’.

To ensure you’re following the uptitration method best, take note of your dosage daily, to see the improvements it makes on your body and mind, from day-to-day. This will not only allow your body to adapt slowly to your CBD, but aid you in finding your perfect dosage faster, while using less CBD to do it.

2 Find a CBD Product that suits your needs

CBD dosing diary

The effects of CBD on the body are as individual as the person who takes it, so what works for one person generally doesn’t work the same way for another. Couple this with an ever more saturated CBD market, and products of varying qualities and uses, finding the right administration method that works for you is often a potluck. 

Your best bet is to take note of the CBD products you use, and your dosage changes from one day to the next to provide yourself with the most effective way to get the most out of your CBD. 

Tracking your CBD with a dosing diary will always take a little time and effort at the beginning, however jotting down your experiences will help streamline your CBD journey, while taking the guesswork out of improving your health and wellbeing.

3 Keep up-to-date with your CBD doses

CBD dosing diary

Often what we really want is a little more understanding of our bodies, and one way to aid ourselves in this is to ensure you’re keeping track of our CBD intake. How you use your CBD Dosing Diary depends on you and your needs, however, you’ll find our free downloadable CBD Dosing Diary with daily input options simple to use, and easy to follow.

Best Use

Fill in your dosing diary each day. Whether you take CBD in the morning or just in the evening, or even two or three times a day, write down your CBD dose each time you take it. This will ensure that you’re factoring in every mg of CBD, which will inform your CBD dosage in the future.

Note down your symptoms

Using a symptom scale before and after dosing will allow you to record your symptoms and analyse your dosing in a more intuitive way. 

Be specific about how you feel

By taking note of how your CBD helps you with each dose, you’ll be able to better analyze what doses work for you and what you may need to improve on. By writing down your wanted and unwanted effects, you’ll be able to work towards finding the perfect dose for your needs.

4 Download your own Endoca CBD Dosing Diary

CBD dosing diary

We’ve created a detailed dosing diary to help you understand CBD and your body and to keep you on the right path to finding your CBD sweet spot.

In this diary, we have put together a detailed planner for dosing your CBD in the easiest way possible. You may download it to your computer or device for a digital planner, or print it out to stick to the fridge or your medicine cabinet and fill it in each day for best results.

In this download, you will find an easy step-by-step explanation on how your dosing diary works, so that you can get the most out of your CBD. If you use more than one dose a day, you may use multiple sheets for a morning and evening dosing schedule. If you’re printing your diary, don’t forget to print out your dosing diary double-sided to save on paper, and the planet!

If you need a little extra helping hand with your diary, or how to get the most out of it, don’t hesitate to reach out to our fantastic customer care team at info@endoca.com or through the chat icon on our website. Download your CBD dosing diary, and start your journey to your CBD sweet spot today!

Leora Erlichman-Gross

Starting out at a social justice publishing house in her home city of Melbourne, Leora has continued creating pathways to improving the lives of those in her community, through cannabis education and autonomy. Leora keeps busy running The Endoca Foundation, improving day-to-day user experiences as Endoca’s Customer Care Manager, and every so often engages herself as a guest writer for our blog.

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