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Beginner’s 101

Experts speak: Why you should be excited about CBD right now

No surprise, we’ve long been fans of CBD oil and its many benefits. Now we think it’s time to bring in some outside perspective.

So we’ve gathered experts and gurus within CBD and cannabis and asked them a singular question: What’s exciting you about CBD right now?

Read on to find out what to keep your eye on in the future. But we’ll give you a peek at the answer. CBD is exciting because of:

● Better quality reports and control

● The discovery of the benefits of several other cannabinoids from the hemp plant

● Increased scientific knowledge and attention

● The flood of new forms of products such as CBD suppositories, creams, capsules, and much else.

Brian Peterson, CBDoilusers

CBDoilusers is an online community for CBD users and enthusiasts. Twitter | Website

CBDoilusers logo

“Much more scientific research and human clinical trials into the potential health benefits of cannabinoids.

I’m looking forward to medical studies providing tangible evidence of CBD efficacy that goes beyond the anecdotal user feedback that has been relied on to date.

I also think that scientific research has the potential to drive significant CBD product innovation, including the customization of products for specific health concerns.”

Quality reports

“I’ve been excited to see the industry trend of making third-party lab reports more accessible to consumers. A couple of years ago, it was common for CBD brands to only post a single recent lab report on their website.

Within the last year, more brands are now posting lab results by batch. Others are printing QR codes on their product labels that allow users to scan them from their smartphones to be taken directly to the lab report for their specific product.

This increased transparency is very valuable for users since it allows them to see exactly

what is in their product and be assured that testing for potentially harmful contaminants has been conducted.”

Kit O’Connell, Ministry of Hemp

Ministry of Hemp is a long-running site covering CBD, hemp, cannabis and everything in between. It’s full of reviews of products and articles explaining the science behind cannabis and much more. Website | Twitter

“I’m excited about the expansion of real scientific research we’re seeing, and the increased awareness of other cannabinoids like CBG and the benefits of using a broad or full spectrum tincture. “

“Hopefully we recognize how all these natural compounds, including terpenes, work together to benefit us. Another exciting thing to me, that’s related, is the increased acceptance of CBD and cannabinoid-rich hemp flower.“

The state of affairs

“I’m cautiously optimistic about the industry uniting to get changes made we need to thrive. The FDA should release its guidelines any day now, and it’s likely we’ll be fighting to improve them, just like we need to reform the USDA hemp guidelines if we want this plant treated like any other crop.

Imagine the possibilities if ANYONE could grow hemp… farmers, gardeners, and hobbyists alike… for food, medicine, clothing, even just ornamental hemp, without interference. That’s really the future.”

Patrick Doherty, CannaList

CannaList is an EU-based site that covers the CBD and cannabis industry in the EU. Website| Twitter

“While we remain excited about the potential health benefits of CBD. We oppose the European Commission’s position that preparations containing CBD are not actually “Novel” but “Narcotic,” and believe such a designation will be harmful to the industry.”

Gianna Stanely, Alwaysbhungry.com

Gianna is a private chef who frequently incorporates CBD into her work.


Gianna Stanley

“I am super excited about the breadth of product selection on the market right now. When I first started using CBD there were very few options for reputable tinctures and most gummies I tried had a tendency to be bitter.

“As cannabis products have become more mainstream I have seen so many balms, tinctures, and edibles that have piqued my interest!

There are more flavors, methods of use and it seems like the industry is continuing to develop and evolve at a fast rate.”

What’s the future for CBD cooking?

“A dream of mine (and I am not a scientist so who knows if this is even possible) would be to see a cannabinoid oil that has a high enough smoke point to use for cooking. Most of my recipes that include cannabis involve folding in the CBD oil at room temperature without heat.”

Lauren Wilson, laurenmwilson.com

Lauren Wilson is a New York based best-selling author, freelance cannabis writer, and professional geeker-outer. She has written the book using CBD. Website | Twitter


Lauren Wilson

“So what is exciting to me about the CBD industry and space right now?

I am really encouraged by the advancements in scientific research and the appreciation we are developing for just how many beneficial compounds hemp and cannabis have to offer us! Not just CBD, but CBDA, CBDV, THCV, and CBG, to name just a few. “

“Alongside these discoveries, we are also gaining a deeper understanding of how these compounds work together to provide a greater therapeutic benefit than they do on their own.”

Shifting public attitude

“These are very exciting times in the hemp and cannabis science world! But perhaps what excites me most about the CBD industry and space right now are the shifting public and political attitudes around the value of hemp and cannabis plants as legitimate medical and therapeutic options. Now more than ever we can and should benefit from the power of plants to enhance our health and wellness!”

Key To Cannabis

Key To Cannabis is a CBD education site here represented by CMO Erin Spong Website | Twitter

Key to cannabis logo

“Now more than ever, the CBD industry is being flooded with new brands and innovative products. While it’s sometimes hard to cut through the clutter to find what you really want and need, the industry is ever-evolving, which means new growth, extraction, and consumption methods are being tried and utilized to create the purest, more potent CBD on the market.

This friendly market competition will, hopefully, inspire incredible new products and daily dosing methods.”


Herbonaut logo

Herbonaut is a CBD scientific and product review site. Website | Twitter

“The most exciting thing about CBD right now, I feel is the exploration of morebio-available forms of CBD.

CBD in its regular form is poorly water-soluble and subjected to extensive first-pass metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract, leading to a limited oral bioavailability of around 9%.

Currently, various producers are experimenting with water-soluble and nano-emulsified forms of CBD that, at least in theory, should have a higher absorption rate.

Scientific studies should point whether these forms of CBD indeed come with a higher absorption rate than the regular form of CBD.”


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