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CBD May be Able to Help You Quit Smoking

Here’s How

  • According to a study conducted by Washington State University, small amounts of CBD might hinder the metabolism of nicotine in tobacco smokers.
  • The study examined enzymes linked with nicotine metabolism and determined that CBD could potentially reduce the urge to smoke.
  • CBD has various potential benefits that could aid in smoking cessation, such as reducing anxiety, curbing cravings, and providing anti-inflammatory effects.
  • While experts speculate that CBD could serve as a non-addictive alternative, they recommend incorporating it with other methods when attempting to quit smoking.

When attempting to quit smoking, the available options can be overwhelming. Should one try nicotine patches, hypnosis, or quit abruptly? A recent study conducted by a group of researchers from Washington State University suggests that CBD may be a useful aid.

The study analyzed how CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, affected the metabolism of nicotine. Using human liver tissue microsomes and specialized cell lines, the researchers discovered that several enzymes, including CYP2A6, a significant enzyme in nicotine metabolism, were inhibited. As a result, the team concluded that CBD could potentially reduce cigarette cravings.

It is estimated that over 70% of nicotine is metabolized by CYP2A6, and CBD could inhibit the enzyme with relatively low doses.

In what ways CBD usage can assist individuals in quitting smoking.

According to Jon Robson, the CEO and founder of Mamedica, a medical cannabis clinic, CBD may offer a non-addictive replacement for smoking and could facilitate smoking cessation in multiple ways:

May ease stress and anxiety

CBD is frequently employed to alleviate anxiety, and according to Robson, this could be especially advantageous for smokers. The anxiolytic properties of CBD have been demonstrated, indicating its capacity to decrease stress and anxiety. As a result, CBD might assist individuals in coping with the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with quitting smoking. If smoking has traditionally been relied on to alleviate stress and anxiety, a decrease in these emotions may result in individuals reducing their cigarette consumption over time.

Reduce Nicotine Cravings

According to Robson, CBD has the potential to reduce nicotine cravings. “CBD has demonstrated promise as a treatment for drug addiction, and may assist in decreasing cravings for nicotine,” he explains. Vaporized CBD, in particular, could be a viable option. As users are required to inhale the vapor, they are emulating the act of smoking – a habit they may perform frequently throughout the day. Therefore, CBD could potentially replace the repetitive motion of smoking.

Reduce Inflammation

Furthermore, CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects may improve your general well-being and facilitate smoking cessation. “Long-term smoking can cause lung damage and inflammation, making quitting more challenging,” Robson notes. “CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate inflammation and foster lung healing.”

Is CBD use habit-forming?

One apprehension is that utilizing CBD to stop smoking may merely substitute one detrimental habit for another. According to Robson, these concerns are unfounded since CBD is not addictive and its side effects are generally mild and temporary. “Human studies indicate that CBD displays no signs of abuse or addiction potential,” he states, referring to the World Health Organization (WHO) report. “Furthermore, subsequent evaluations of CBD’s safety and adverse effects have shown that it has a ‘positive safety profile’ and is well-tolerated by humans.”

Consequently, CBD may serve as a useful substitute without becoming habit-forming in itself. However, this recent research is just one study, and more research is necessary to investigate CBD’s potential as a smoking cessation tool.

A controlled study from 2013 showed that taking cannabidiol decreased cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers. During treatment, participants who received CBD substantially decreased their cigarette intake by 40%, and some continued to smoke less during follow-up.

Abbas Kanani, a pharmacist at online pharmacy Chemist Click, believes that while the current research is optimistic, the concept must be put to the test in smokers to determine if it can genuinely assist people in quitting smoking.

Robson concurs, stating, “Several options, such as clinical trials or comparative and long- term studies, can aid in our comprehension of how CBD can be utilized effectively to aid smoking cessation.”

Various methods that may aid in smoking cessation.

If you’re contemplating quitting smoking, you may be interested in learning about other effective methods in addition to CBD. According to Kanani, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) could be beneficial.

NRT is a medication that provides a low dose of nicotine without the tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances found in tobacco smoke. It can assist in reducing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as bad moods and cravings and is available in various forms such as skin patches, chewing gum, and mouth sprays. Counseling can also be advantageous in helping you quit smoking for good. Kanani believes it can be particularly beneficial when combined with other stop-smoking treatments like NRT.

Lastly, you should not underestimate the importance of the support of your loved ones. Making any lifestyle change can be challenging, and sharing your goals with others may help you navigate those obstacles more effectively.

Kanani suggests informing your loved ones about the possible withdrawal symptoms you may experience, such as irritability or depression, if you decide to quit smoking. He also recommends sharing your goals with friends and family, as they can provide support and help remind you of your reasons for quitting. While CBD may be a promising treatment, it’s important to remember that quitting smoking typically requires a comprehensive approach. This may involve exploring the reasons behind your habit and making environmental changes that can assist you in achieving your goal.

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