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7 Ways to Stay Calm Around Christmas

The lead up to Christmas and the festivities themselves can bring a sprinkling of magic to our lives but also come with quite a heavy feeling of Christmas overwhelm too. What can we do to sail peacefully through the festive period? How can we best navigate uncertainty at a usually busy time of the year?

We’ve made a list of seven-holiday tips to stay calm and help you deal with any unease this time of year might bring, to make sure you keep cool this Christmas and enjoy the season of goodwill, panic-free.

7 Tips to Keep Calm this Holiday Season

1. Get Enough Rest

CBD calm for Christmas

As we wind down for the year, taking time to rest is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. If you’ve had an overwhelming year now’s the time to take stock and give yourself a well-deserved break so you can reset for the new year.

Carve out some ‘me time’ and include a bit more self-care, add yourself to your calendar, and make time to relax. Soaking in a long bath pre-bedtime promotes a deeper, more restful sleep. Drink a cup of chamomile tea with a teaspoon of raw honey.  During the Christmas break, remember it’s time to take it easy.

2. Go Outdoors

In a year where confinement has been the main theme. When things get a little tense (when you’re allowed outside) go for a walk. Taking in nature will give you some time to clear your head and relieve that ‘Christmas tension’, get inspired, and clear your mind. The rhythm and repetition of walking gets your creative juices flowing and exposure to sunlight boosts your mood and helps us to feel calm and focused. If you are near nature, take some time to enjoy it.  

 3. Stay on Track with Fitness

CBD and exercise

Don’t forget to take care of your body during the Christmas period. Abandoning fitness regimes entirely over the holidays only makes it harder to get back into them in the new year.

Even a short 20-minute run can help calm you down. Short bursts of exercises really help you to blow off steam. Exercise will release endorphins, and get your happy hormones pumping! 

4. CBD for Christmas Calm

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the compound found in hemp oil products that are known to help support internal balance and promote feelings of calm.

CBD can be taken in the form of CBD oil drops under the tongue or as CBD capsules throughout the day. Many users take CBD to promote calm and support general well-being.

5. Own your Feelings

Whether it’s your disappointed Christmas isn’t the same this year or your children are driving you around the Christmas tree and causing you Christmas overwhelm, you’re the one who decides how you respond to the things around you. 

6. Give Gratitude

CBD for a calm Christmas

If your year hasn’t turn out as you’d hoped, spend some time thinking about the things you have to be grateful for, even if it seems hopeless. There is always something to be appreciative of.

Think of your top ten reasons to feel grateful to keep focused on something positive at Christmas. Count them on each finger as you say them out loud. Make a list before you go to sleep of the things you felt thankful for during the day. 

7. Don’t forget to Breath 

When it all becomes overwhelming and Christmas is in full effect, deep, controlled breathing exercises can really help to restore a sense of peace. Or take it one step further and try to quiet your mind for five minutes a day.

Find a place where you can be alone and sit comfortably. Use a timer on your phone so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep! Close your eyes and relax. Count as you breathe in and out.

Allow your thoughts to come and go. Don’t hold onto them. Playing some gentle meditation music or using essential oils can help you to reach a place of peace. Rub some lavender essential oil between your hands and breathe it in deeply before you begin

While there are many things you can control this Christmas we hope feeling overwhelmed doesn’t spoil your festive season. In these uncertain times cultivating your own peace can help navigate feelings of disappointment. Try our holiday tips and remember to keep calm this Christmas! 

Need help staying calm? our customer service team is in the right-hand chatbox and are always on hand to help you with your CBD related questions. Write us a message and we’ll help you find the right CBD product for you.

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