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What does CBD Lip Balm do?

Chapped and dry lips can be so uncomfortable and it can also be difficult to find a lip balm that truly works. Most lip balms you find at the store just coat lips which gives temporary relief. But it doesn’t actually improve or repair the moisture on the delicate skin of the lips.

As CBD continues to rise in popularity CBD extract in beauty products has also become more common. CBD lip balms are becoming a popular new product many people love. Lip balms infused with CBD can be helpful for those who have chronically dry or chapped lips. They also can be beneficial for people who live in especially cold and windy climates.

We’ll take a look at some of the properties in CBD making it useful for cracked and dry lips, the benefits of CBD lips for your lips, and why you should think about switching over your balm to one infused with CBD:

CBD Infused Lip Balm

As with anything in the body, including your lips, it’s great to take a holistic approach. There are many factors that can contribute to moisturized and soft lips including diet, genetics, your environment, and even how much water you drink.

If you feel you are doing everything right but still find your lips are dry or cracked then CBD might be something to consider adding into your routine. CBD is filled with antioxidant properties which help protect the lips. In addition, we made our CBD balm with several moisturizing ingredients like organic coconut oil, and beeswax to help maximize the hydrating effect.

infographic on benefits of CBD lip balm

CBD Lip Balm Effects

Did you know that CBD contains antibacterial properties? When you use CBD lip balm you help support your lips against infection, bacteria, and irritation.

CBD also works as a stabilizing agent meaning that it can neutralize and stabilize free radicals. We are exposed to free radicals on a daily basis and our bodies also contain free radicals, the unstable cells that can cause damage to our body’s healthy cells. Using CBD lip balm helps protect our lips by helping to neutralize and stabilize the free radicals in our body and environment.

CBD Lip Balm

It’s great to feel good on the inside and also have the outside reflect that. Beautiful lips have been a huge beauty trend for the last few years, and even before. Most people can agree that when you meet someone the smile is one of the first things we see. Healthy lips paired with a friendly smile can make a great first impression.

If you want to give your lips an extra boost and are looking for a natural alternative to cosmetic injections then CBD lip balm might be just what you are looking for. The CBD oil the CBD lip balm helps our lips to seal in moisture and also enhances their appearance and plumpness.

CBD Lip Balm Uses

As we dive into summer and spend more time outside it’s important to protect our skin, including our lips. The skin on the face, and especially the lips is thin and needs protection just like the rest of the body. Getting a bit of sun is healthy to help with vitamin D production and to boost your mood but too much, even of something natural can be damaging.

The antioxidants found in CBD can help rejuvenate lips that have had too much sun exposure. Often CBD extract is combined with hemp oil which is filled with omega-3 and omega-6, as well as many vitamins like A, E, B, and D. All of these compounds are known to help protect and heal the skin.

Interested to learn more about CBD lip balm? Click here.

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Feyza Olson

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