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Beginner’s 101

What is CBD Tea?

CBD continues to grow in popularity and it’s possible to easily incorporate in so many different products. CBD tea can be a great alternative to drops or other products with a strong earthy flavor if you prefer something milder. Maybe you also are just looking for a different way to take your daily dose so you are thinking CBD tea could be beneficial for you.

Learn more about the benefits of CBD tea and how you can make it below!

CBD Tea Effects

There are many benefits of taking CBD tea from improving the natural taste to the various health and wellness perks. Many people like taking CBD tea just because they do not like the natural earthy taste of the oil. They prefer something sweeter or maybe just a bit less strong. Studies have shown that tea alone also has a variety of benefits. It has been considered a wellness-promoting drink since ancient times.

The bioavailability of CBD oil can also be improved depending on the type of CBD you use and how it is added to the drink. Increasing the bioavailability of CBD oil means that you boost the amount of CBD that your body uses when you are ingesting it. The process of ingesting compared to inhaling can already increase the benefits and bioavailability of CBD since it is in your body for a longer period of time. Making CBD can be yet another way to reap the benefits of this natural compound.

How to Make CBD Tea

There are several different ways you can make CBD tea including adding CBD oil to your drink, using a water-soluble CBD tea, and buying a specialist CBD tea. Below we will explain a little more about each of them!

infographic on how to make CBD tea in 3 different ways

1. Add CBD Oil to Your Drink

The first option is that you can add CBD oil to your tea. This may seem like an easy option since you probably have CBD oil already on hand. However, there are a few issues with this. The CBD oil will sit on the surface of your drink and won’t mix well since water and oil repel each other. The bioavailability of your CBD oil will also decrease. This is because through this process most of the cannabinoids found in the oil will be flushed out.

The bioavailability could be slightly increased by incorporating a fat such as coconut oil. Overall this is not the best way to get the most out of your product.

2. Use A Water-soluble CBD Tea

The second option is to use a water-soluble CBD tea. This option has the advantage as the cannabinoids are 100% bioavailable. You will get all the benefits into your body right away. Add the water-soluble CBD to your drink first then the tea bag and the water. Enjoy your healthy cannabinoid-rich beverage!

3. Buy Specialist CBD Teas

Another option is to buy a specialist tea that has already been infused with CBD. There are quite a few on the market. The quality of the cannabis extract used ranges from one tea to another so it’s important to do your research to make sure you are getting a high-quality tea. It is best to look for a full spectrum plant extract as opposed to pure CBD in isolate form, as the full spectrum allows for a lot more potency. This method is probably one of the most convenient ways to make CBD tea.

CBD is more versatile than most people realize. Adding CBD tea as one of your daily beverages can be a tasty and easy way to boost your well-being and support your health.

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Feyza Olson

Feyza Olson is Content Manager at Endoca. Her passion for natural products and holistic health inspires her in creating wellness content on cannabis and cannabinoids, for both newcomers to the CBD world and experts. She loves continuing to learn about wellness and health from a holistic perspective and sharing her findings.

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