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What is CBD chocolate?

There’s no doubt that CBD is the wellness product of the moment. While some may find the ever-expanding product ranges overwhelming when it comes to taking your daily dose. CBD chocolate could help make it just that bit easier to swallow. CBD chocolate bars and chocolate-flavored oils have become popular in recent years, to help mask the taste of hemp that comes with traditional plain CBD oils.

It’s no secret that hemp’s flavor can leave something to be desired for some people. Just like Marmite you either love it or you hate it. Hemp and cannabis are known for their strong smells and rich flavors. Often users describe plain CBD oil as having an earthy or woody flavor that can sometimes be bitter. This is due to its high concentration of plant terpenes and flavonoids.

So, If you’ve ever wondered how to make your hemp dose just that much easier to swallow. This guide has everything you need to know about CBD chocolate. 

Does CBD chocolate work?

CBD chocolate

When CBD is mixed with chocolate it can make your dose much easier and enjoyable to administer. CBD chocolate comes in a variety of different forms and flavor combinations. Which can be blended with plain CBD oils to create sweet flavors that take away the bitter taste of hemp. 

These days brands mix CBD with classic chocolate blends, such as mint chocolate and chocolate orange to help users get over their hemp woes. As well as chocolate-flavored oils, CBD-infused chocolate bars are popular for those that like to eat it instead. Ingesting CBD is known to have less bioavailability (absorption) than traditional tincture/oil formulas. However, they offer a discreet alternative that can be stored and taken on the go.  

Chocolate flavored CBD oil

This is ideal for users that have a sweet tooth, and want to avoid the hemp flavor of plain oils.

Taking plain CBD oil under the tongue can be an acquired taste. Therefore for some users, like natural flavorings, such as fruit flavors that make it much easier to take.

It should be noted that if you are choosing to take flavored CBD oils, always check the ingredients to see where they are derived from. Choosing healthier flavors like fruit flavors or organic chocolate could be a better option than artificial flavors, it’s always best to check you’re not taking any unnatural sweeteners or flavorings.

CBD Chocolate

CBD chocolate bars are a popular choice for people that are looking to take their dose in a discreet and flavorful way. CBD chocolates just like any other chocolate confectionery is an indulgence, something to look forward to as a treat or even to be given away as a gift. 

There are a few CBD brands on the market that specialize in making artisanal CBD chocolates, with an array of exotic flavor combinations. This is a very niche product range and isn’t a mainstream way of taking a daily dose, but it does offer a bit of variety, from the more popular capsules and oils. If you take CBD as a supplement, this method is more expensive and works best as a sweet treat. 

How much CBD chocolate should I eat

Chocolate flavored CBD oil is just like any other CBD oil and can be taken sublingually by placing a few drops under the tongue, holding it for 90 seconds, and allowing the oil to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This is one of the quickest, fastest, and most effective ways to take it. Unlike plain oils, you can also enjoy the sweet flavor of chocolate.

CBD chocolate in the form of a bar can be taken on the go as a treat or you can place a piece of chocolate under your tongue and let it melt. There are a few brands that sell premade CBD chocolates that contain approx 80mg-150mg of CBD per bar or package and prices can range from $15-$50. If you prefer a more economical homemade option.

Homemade chocolates allow you to choose the amount of CBD that is included in each piece. By customizing your batches you can make different strength doses.

The pros and cons of CBD chocolate 

chocolate pastries

While CBD chocolate is an indulgent way to take CBD without the hemp taste. There are pros and cons, that could make your decision about trying them just that bit easier. 


  • The sweet chocolate flavor is an alternative to hemp’s earthy and bitter taste
  • Makes taking your CBD dose easier to swallow
  • Available in different chocolate flavors – mint chocolate, chocolate orange, etc
  • It can be given as gifts to friends and family. Ideal if you want to introduce them to CBD.


  • Not all CBD chocolate flavors are natural
  • Not all CBD brands use high-quality CBD to make their products 
  • Sweeteners or added sugar
  • CBD ingesting CBD has less bioavailability 
  • Premade CBD chocolates are more expensive than oils.

Final remarks 

There aren’t many people that dislike the taste of chocolate, so making treats like CBD chocolate is an irresistible way to take your dose. If you’re sensitive to the taste of hemp, then having flavored CBD chocolate oil is a great alternative.

Always do your due diligence to find out the CBD oil regulations where you live before you buy any CBD products.

We all know that some chocolate is high in sugar. So make sure you read the ingredients and be wise about consumption after all CBD is a supplement for well-being.

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