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Subscription terms and conditions

Some of the products or services available through or in connection with this Site require you to purchase a subscription to have certain products shipped to you on the frequency of your choice. The price we charge our subscribers is based on the date of purchase and your chosen frequency (2, weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 6 weeks or 3 months). When you subscribe to any product, you get a 20% discount!

Firstly, please note that you are not required to subscribe to upon a purchase. You can buy products individually or sign up and subscribe. By default, you are not registered with To subscribe, simply select a subscription on the product page or check the subscription on the Shopping Cart page.

We reserve the right to change the price structure of our products or subscription at any time with an appropriate notice to you. Coupons / coupon codes do not work with subscriptions service.


You hereby authorize Endoca and our merchant provider(s) to charge your credit card, debit card or other acceptable payment method in advance for all applicable fees incurred by you or on your behalf in connection with the product or service you have selected / purchased. You are solely responsible for all fees, charges, levies, taxes and assessments incurred as a result of any use of your account by you or others using your account. We reserve the right to close any account at any time for any reason. For all subscriptions, your payment method will be charged on your selected shipping date, which is based on the original purchase date and frequency selected.

To avoid being charged for the next subscription period, you must cancel or pause your subscription at least one full business day before your next delivery schedule when your subscription renews. We will continue to bill your payment method on a recurring basis until you cancel or pause. Cancellation simply avoids any future recurring charges. If you have created an account, you can cancel your subscription from your account at Click “Manage Subscription” on the order you wish to cancel, then follow the instructions to cancel. If you do not have an account with us, or if you just prefer to send an email, you can cancel your subscription by emailing us at

You can also choose to pause your monthly subscription: If you have purchased a subscription that renews at a selected frequency, we offer the option to pause your subscription at any time at no additional cost. You will not be charged for any future delivery schedule that you choose to pause; as long as you pause your subscription at least one full business day before the next delivery schedule. You can pause your frequency subscription by simply sending us an email at to let us know you want to skip the delivery schedule date or, if you have an account with us, you can log in to your account at and click on “Manage subscription”, then follow the instructions to pause/skip shipments. You must notify us via one of the above methods (by sending us an email or logging into your account) that you are skipping your subscription before the next delivery schedule that you wish to pause/skip. Your subscription will automatically renew and continue at the following frequency unless you pause your subscription again by following the simple steps provided above or you choose a specific schedule to pause/skip.

**Please note that any disputed order fees, uncollected or rejected orders are not eligible to be returned for a refund. In the unfortunate event that you dispute a charge and ignore our policies, it may result in “Penalty Fees” and “Sent to Collections” for us to get the money back. If a subscription order is renewed before you have time to change or cancel, please contact us immediately and we will provide you with our return instructions so that you can send the item(s) back when they arrive and receive a refund minus original shipping costs as long as they still qualify within our return policy.**

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