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Red Reishi Mushroom Extract

Ultra Concentrated Extract Capsules (280mg)

Red Reishi Mushroom Extract Capsules, high concentration, containing 8400 mg of the highest-quality extract powder. Sourced from nature’s treasure trove, these capsules are designed to promote longevity.

Ultra Potent Formula: Each capsule is packed with a robust 310 mg of the highest extract powder. Vitality and Longevity: Red Reishi is renowned for its adaptogenic properties, supporting your body’s natural ability to combat stress and promote overall vitality.

Holistic Wellness: Our Red Reishi Extract Capsules are crafted to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, providing a convenient way to prioritize your health without compromising on potency.

Quality Assured: Rigorous quality checks at every stage, from sourcing to manufacturing, guarantee a premium product that aligns with the highest standards of excellence.

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