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CBD for Anxiety

CBD for Anxiety

Anxiety is quite common especially in the society we live in today. Everything from our work, school, family, friends or just daily life can contribute to anxiety. For someone suffering from this brain issue, there can be so many triggers. When it gets out of hand it can be debilitating, making it difficult to function and enjoy daily life. Did you know that in the U.S. it’s estimated that 40 million adults over the age of 18 are affected by anxiety?

There are a variety of different therapies and treatments available to people who suffer from anxiety. Some can be more effective than others. However many people find that conventional medication and treatments are not that effective for them. More and more people are turning to alternative medicine to help with this condition.

There are many natural remedies and solutions out there to help with this. In this article, we’ll dive into how CBD can help with anxiety and how you can personally use it to help with your everyday well-being. We’ll look at the different types of CBD out there and also how to take it.

Does CBD Help Anxiety?

Depending on the cause of your anxiety and what type of anxiety you have, CBD can help. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse for generalized anxiety disorders, it’s been shown that CBD helps reduce stress in animals such as rats.

The subjects that were part of this study were shown to have lower behavioral signs of anxiety, as well as their biological symptoms of anxiety like increased heart rate was also improved. Many of the studies on CBD have been within the confines of a laboratory but they are quite promising. There have been some human studies that do indicate that CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.

Depending on what type of anxiety you have CBD can be helpful.

What’s the Best CBD for Anxiety?

When it comes to what’s the best CBD for anxiety it depends on a couple of factors. You want to be able to take the product regularly if you are suffering from anxiety and the way in which you take it can come down to personal preference. Some people prefer to take CBD oil as they can easily create a customised dose that works for them and the effects are felt fairly quickly, especially if it’s taken sublingually.

Other people prefer to take CBD capsules as they don’t like the taste of the CBD oil and want a precise dose that the capsule provides. The effects of CBD capsules are felt more slowly, unlike taking CBD oil sublingually but they also last longer as the CBD goes through your digestive system.

If you’re not exactly sure how to get started taking CBD or which percentage is right for you, you can check out our CBD starter packs. You can give both the CBD capsules and CBD oil a try and see which one works best for you and your body.

When taking CBD it’s important that you pay attention and tune in to how you feel so you can see at what dose and with which type of CBD you feel the best.

Finding the Right CBD Dosage for Anxiety

When it comes to finding the right CBD dosage for anxiety there are several factors involved and each person’s body is slightly different. A couple of the factors you should take into consideration when figuring out your dose include:

  • Your body weight
  • Your unique body chemistry
  • The condition you’re treating
  • The concentration of CBD in the product you’re taking

Giving yourself an adequate dosage is key, otherwise, it might not work for you. However, you don’t want to overdo it either. There are a lot of variables to consider. Before taking CBD talk with your doctor about the appropriate dosage for your body and condition and any potential risks.

If your doctor isn’t able to give you a recommendation for your CBD dosage, it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it and see how you feel along the way.

Keeping track of how much CBD you’re taking, how you feel, and if your symptoms are improving can also be a good idea. If you would like your own personal dosing diary you can either download a printable version here, or download a digital version. This can help you keep track of your journey along the way.

Can CBD Cause Anxiety?

Generally speaking CBD helps anxiety more than its been shown to cause it. However, ironically one of the side effects of CBD can be anxiety. Every person is different and every individual can respond to CBD differently. As we mentioned before, it’s important to pay attention to your body, and if your doctor isn’t able to give you a recommendation when it comes to the dose, then start at a smaller dose and increase it gradually.

It may be reassuring to know that scientists have reported that CBD oil can ease many anxiety related disorders like generalized anxiety, panic, social anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorders.

Can CBD Make My Anxiety Worse?

Overall research has shown that taking CBD helps improve anxiety rather than making it worse. It can depend though on what type of CBD you are taking. There are a variety of CBD types available on the market including CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, and full spectrum CBD.

In some susceptible individuals, full-spectrum CBD can cause anxiety, but that isn’t the case for everyone. Research has shown that pure cannabidiol (CBD) can relieve anxiety, while full-spectrum CBD doesn’t necessarily have the same effect. In full-spectrum CBD, a small amount of THC is found, which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. Research has found that some people have a higher chance of getting anxiety from THC due to:

  • Genetics
  • Infrequent use
  • Personality traits
  • Base anxiety levels
  • The environment and context the THC is consumed.

These are just a few of the factors but there are many more. If you are someone who is sensitive to THC then it may be better to opt for a CBD isolate or a broad spectrum CBD instead.

Feyza Olson

Feyza Olson is Content Manager at Endoca. Her passion for natural products and holistic health inspires her in creating wellness content on cannabis and cannabinoids, for both newcomers to the CBD world and experts. She loves continuing to learn about wellness and health from a holistic perspective and sharing her findings.

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