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Live In Balance

Key to restore balance is sleep, eat, relax and forget

  1. You need daily meditation, yoga or other type of exercise to stretch the muscles in your body.
  2. You need to detoxify your body by removing toxic chemicals
  3. Eat only organic with a minimum of 50% raw food.
  4. Stop using any chemical/cosmetics and drugs.
  5. Stop eating processed food
  6. Make sure you get your daily vitamins and minerals
  7. Eat hemp: cannabinoids will stimulate your own endocannabinoid system and help you to restore balance
  8. Make sure you never listen to the media to define your believes and thoughts
  9. Do your own research and remember you need to change your life radically in order to heal yourself. If you are struggling with severe health problems, change your environment immediately by going to a
  10. place away from a stress, where there is sun and access to fresh fruit and vegetables. And more than anything: Sleep, Eat, Relax, Forget.
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You are what you eat

A slogan that is very close to reality. The food you buy in the supermarket is very poisonous due to the fact that you don’t get what’s on the labels. Just to give you a few examples the olive oil you buy is most likely refined soya bean oil with perfume, even though the label says extra virgin olive oil! The salmon sold in shops is the most poisonous item on the self containing chemicals and is directly linked to many diseases.

The problem is you believe the government is regulating the products but in reality it doesn’t work like that and companies find creative ways to bypass the rules of fair trade. Trust only local produce from sources you can confirm.

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What is good health?

Long before Endoca started as a company selling CBD products, we’ve known that good health is about much more than taking cannabis to get well or supplement our diets.

Despite many advancements in medical science, as a society we are getting sicker, with according to the World Health Organisation a 70% increase in new cases of cancer over the last two decades. And yet, relatively few of us really take a look at how we live our lives and see that effectively we are slowly killing ourselves through what we eat and the chemicals we put into our bodies.

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Nature knows best

It’s more important now than ever to make positive lifestyle changes and at Endoca we believe in taking inspiration from how things were done in the past, before mankind started meddling too much with artificial preservatives, GMOs, pesticides and the like.

As a species, we are becoming more and more out of touch with nature’s innate nature and in turn with ourselves. And it’s only through getting back to basics that true health can flourish.

Let food be thy medicine

Since antiquity people have known that what we eat is key to our health. Is it any surprise then that with the level of sugar-laden, processed food in modern diets, chronic illness and cancers are at an all-time high?

It’s not enough just to get your 5-a-day portions of fresh fruit and veg when they are covered in dangerous pesticides and herbicides. Not only that but due to modern, intensive farming methods, fruit and vegetables have only the fraction of nutrients they did in the past.

Organic is best

So where possible go organic or biodynamic, local and seasonal. If those sugar snap peas flew across the world from China or any far flung country for that matter, you know not only will they be full of chemicals but will also have a sizeable carbon footprint.

Get all essential nutrients

Be sure to get all the essential nutrients from your food. We recommend a vegetarian based diet but if you do eat meat, make sure it’s grass-fed and organic and your fish is free from mercury contamination.

Include Raw Food

Raw food should make up a significant proportion of your diet. The more you cook it, the less nutrients it holds. So be sure to always include raw food in any meal or where possible eat only raw ingredients.

Vitamin C

Increasingly it’s difficult to get enough of certain vitamins and minerals from our food and to support a healthy immune system, so we also recommend taking a daily supplement of Vitamin C 500mg.

Clean Water

And to start your day in the best possible manner, drink a glass of clean water before eating. Sadly, this doesn’t include water from the tap as it generally contains high levels of chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. So invest in a quality water filter.

Love nature and your family

We are increasingly a world of city dwellers and at Endoca we believe just living in a city compromises good health. So we recommend moving out to the country. However, if this isn’t possible, spending time in nature is a good option. There is nothing more healing than breathing in clean, unpolluted air while listening to the sounds of nature all around us. There is much to be learned by observing wildlife going about its daily business.

Human beings are social beings and studies show that isolation and loneliness are a contributing factor to many illnesses. Where possible spend time and connect with your nearest and dearest, be they your family or your close friends.

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Be chemical free

Living in modern society, it is impossible to control every aspect of the environment in which we live in, but we can try to minimise the chemicals we consume.

There are some obvious contenders like sugar, alcohol and cigarettes that we all know we should cut out. But be sure to also go natural when it comes to buying toothpaste (no fluoride), deodorant (no aluminium), petroleum lip balm, perfume in fact all beauty products should be 100% natural. Also be careful about harsh chemicals in those household cleaning products like washing powder and washing up liquid. If it bleaches away bacteria, imagine what it does to us and the environment.

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Think holistically

In the end endeavouring to find the approach closest to nature in all aspects of our lives is the key to optimum health. Clean and simple is best and closest to our essence as human beings.

The more complicated we have made things, the unhealthier we become. At Endoca we believe that more and more people are waking up to the simple truths of healthy living and we invite you to join us.

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Reduce stress

As well as diet, a big contributing factor to our modern malaises is the chronic stress levels which have become normality for many people. But this stress is making us sick.

Studies show that stress weakens our immune system, raises our blood pressure as well as affecting our mental health. But there are simple changes that we can all make that will reduce these stress levels.


Regular aerobic exercise is key to our health. By nature, human beings are active creatures so we need to incorporate regular physical activity into our lives, otherwise we get overweight, sluggish and depressed.

All our physiological systems benefit from regular exercise – not only does it strengthen our cardiovascular system, but it boosts our immune system and it’s been shown to be a more powerful mood lifter than anti-depressants.

It’s even been shown to be good for our memory as regular aerobic exercise increases the size of the hippocampus in our brains.

Try to incorporate 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise working at 70% of your capacity and see the difference it makes.

Yoga and Meditation

Where we focus the attention of our minds is a big contributing factor towards stress. If we are constantly worrying about the future or reflecting back on the past, we are never present for what is unfolding in the here and now.

Meditation is generally considered an excellent tool for reducing stress and improving emotional wellbeing. We recommend meditating three times a day. Find a quiet place, sit and focus on your breath. Start with five minutes and gradually build up.

Yoga – which means a union between body and mind - is also an excellent way of reducing stress levels. Not only that, but it improves flexibility and strength and if practiced regularly, increases vitality.

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