UN Hemp

UN Awarded Hemp

Endoca applies 100% clean technology in all our manufacturing processes. 
Awarded by the UN for our resource efficiency and clean production, we believe
that we can have a significant impact helping the UN achieve its goals for more
sustainable world development.
The specific agricultural and pharmaceutical model that we apply sets a leading
example for the two industries that have the most significant footprint on our

We believe that Hemp is a crop that can help recuperate the planet and offer a
solution to the environmental challenges the world is facing.
Endoca is the first pharmaceutical company to produce 100% organic active
pharmaceutical ingredients, and we have integrated this practice throughout our
supply chain; from seed to shelf.



One Hectare of Hemp can Produce

-Enough CBD to help 116 patients for one year
-1 ton of hemp seed ( Commonly known as a superfood and health supplement)
-1 ton of cattle feed 
-1 ton of biofuel


Why Hemp?

-Hemp contains many nutrients essential to the human body
- The plant is sturdy and easy to cultivate organically
- Hemp is an ideal rotation crop in agriculture
- Benefits to lowering CO2 emissions
- Hemp can replace wood in paper productions
- the crop is easy to grow in different climates