CBD Capsules & Pills

Most of us are used to taking our medication in capsule or pill form – we know just how much we’re getting and they are easy to swallow. We see the importance of offering this form of CBD to our customers, so that’s why we’ve introduced CBD Capsules for our Raw Hemp and Decarb CBD oil ranges.

As more people take CBD and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, we at Endoca believe it is important to offer as many options as possible of administering it. Most of us have grown up in a world, where medication is given in pill form so we know exactly how many milligrams of the active ingredient they contain. Not only that, pills or capsules also take away the problem of having to swallow unpleasant tasting substances.

So in our modern world, to buy CBD Capsules is proving a popular alternative.


Easy and Discreet to Use

We love the taste of hemp, but we do recognise not everyone feels the same way. This is why we’ve introduced our CBD Capsules range, using vegan gel caps that are completely gluten-free and kosher. When you need to take your CBD, you just pop a capsule in your mouth like any other vitamin or supplement. No hempy taste, no calculating dosage per drop. Just swallow down and you’re done. At Endoca you’re not buying CBD pills because it would be impossible to turn whole plant CBD extract into pill form, which is generally compressed powder.

One small disadvantage when it comes to CBD Capsules is that the body absorbs less of the main, active ingredients. The CBD extract must first pass through the digestive tract and be broken down by liver enzymes, meaning less CBD enters the bloodstream compared to other delivery methods. This also means it can take up to an hour for the CBD Capsules to take effect.

However, for most people, the advantages are enough to warrant making CBD tablets/Capsules their favourite way to take CBD extracts.


Each Capsule Contains Whole Hemp Plant Goodness

Inside each capsule is our thick and waxy hemp extract. Extracted from our organic hemp plants using the state of the art Supercritical CO2 method, it then goes through a gentle cold filtration process. The result is CBD Extract in its most complete form with nothing added or taken away.

We have both Raw Hemp Oil Capsules and CBD Capsules for sale. What’s the difference you might ask? The Raw Hemp Oil capsules contain CBDa, CBD’s acidic precursor. If you examined any hemp plant before it’s been dried, you’d find it contained almost exclusively CBDa and very little CBD. That’s because CBDa converts into CBD when continued heat is applied.This is known as the decarboxylation process.

As well as CBDa, our Raw Hemp Oil capsules also contain CBD along with other minor cannabinoids and terpenes, which are better preserved when they haven’t been through the heat process.

That’s not to say our CBD Capsules only contain CBD. They are also considered whole plant hemp oil, they just don’t have the raw version of the plant.

In the end, choosing Raw Hemp or Decarb CBD Capsules is a personal choice, with customers often trying out both forms to see what works out best for them.


CBD Capsule Range

For both our Raw Hemp oil and Decarb CBD capsules – two strengths are available: 300 mg with each capsule containing 10mg of CBD or CBD/CBDa; and our 1500mg bottles with 50mg  of either CBD or CBD/CBDa in each capsule.

People react differently to CBD oil, so most people start with a low dose and, depending on the effect, may increase to the stronger CBD Capsules. Whichever form you decide, it’s always a good idea to take CBD Capsules on an empty stomach.



While CBD Capsules are useful to take on-the-go, it’s important to remember that our Raw Hemp Oil Capsules should be stored in the fridge, otherwise, if left in a warm environment, the CBDa may convert into CBD.