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World’s First Cannabis Institute Launches In Spain

Endoca Foundation, the non-profit arm of Endoca, the world’s leading producers of nutritional hemp products, announces an exciting project that it hopes will change the world. The ‘Endoca Institute of Cannabis, Natural Medicine and Sustainability’, set in the foothills near Barcelona, is a centre of excellence for education and research into cannabis medicine, natural health and sustainable ways of living.

Founder and CEO Henry Vincenty, in the space of 3 years has created a pioneering company selling products containing Cannabidiol or CBD, one of the much researched, therapeutic compounds found in Cannabis. He has always dreamed of using the company’s profits to create non-profit projects encouraging greater understanding of sustainability, plant medicine, particularly cannabis and natural health. “It will be an exciting space to ask questions and debate the current reality”, says Vincenty. ‘We are providing the framework – now it’s up to the world’s brightest thinkers and activists to come on board and shape it into something great’.

For the full article, check it out on 420 Magazine

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