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There’s a ‘Wealth Gap’ in the CBD Industry. Can it be Fixed?

There’s an undeniable CBD boom right now. More formally known as cannabidiol, CBD is being touted as a sort of cure-all magic tonic — and it’s sweeping the wellness industry.

CBD is sold as more than just oil in a tincture. There are CBD skin care products in pretty, minimalistic packaging, and CBD gumdrops that could easily be mistaken for a box of French chocolates. It’s even GOOP creator Gwenyth Paltrow-approved.

“Until the laws change and the overall production process becomes more profitable, the industry is stuck at a certain price point, which does lend its availability to those with more monetary means,” said Jada Lynton, a spokesperson for CBD company Endoca.

Be a conscientious consumer

Endoca is one of a few companies and nonprofits out there that recognize this CBD privilege and help make the product accessible to more people.

Its Endoca Foundation donates CBD to children whose parents can’t afford it. To date, the nonprofit has given away more than $30,000 in CBD products to individuals and organizations like Bless the Children in California.

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