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Endoca Hemp Oil 1500MG Review

A high-quality CBD for users looking for a higher dosage.

About The Product

Brief Description

Endoca’s Hemp Oil 1500mg (15% CBD), is a concentrated form of hemp oil, created through a raw hemp extraction using CO2, keeping the most important molecules of the plant intact.

The “heated” label on the box means that under filtration, gentle heat is applied, forming CBDa, a natural precursor to CBD, creating a wax-free liquid oil that maintains all of the main botanical constituents.

These drops are one of the most popular products in the CBD market. These particular drops are 1500mg, which is generally used for those that are going for more than just routine daily health, but tackling pains or illnesses. Endoca’s description of this product describes it as for “repair”.

For the full product review, check it out on CBD Oil Review.

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