What is CBD for dogs?

Dogs have an endocannabinoid system that helps promote good health and overall wellness. CBD for dogs works in a very similar way as it does for humans, by promoting feelings of calm and relaxation, to help manage day to day stresses.

CBD’s ability to interact with your dog’s internal system helps to promote their body’s own production of vital chemicals called cannabinoids.

Because your dogs are not just pets, they’re part of your family. We derive all our CBD for dogs products from high-quality organic hemp extracts. A naturally rich source of plant compounds, terpenes, and flavonoids, that support overall wellbeing. We preserve the integrity of the whole plant in our extraction process, so your dog receives the complete CBD benefits.

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How to use CBD for dogs

CBD for dogs can be used daily, to help support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our CBD for dogs range includes CBD Oil, CBD Crystals, and CBD Extract, that’s easy to use and is more importantly safe. CBD Oil Drops and CBD Extract can be simply and conveniently added to your dog’s daily feeding routine. By adding it to the mouth or to food if your dog is sensitive to the earthy taste of hemp. When it comes to deciding how much CBD to use, every dog will need a different amount depending on your dog’s size.


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Medium (300mg) & Strong (1500mg)

Choosing the right CBD product to give your dog is now easier with our new medium and strong packaging. Our medium is ideal for small to medium-sized breeds, while our strong is perfect for large to X-large companions.

Choose our medium concentration to help introduce your pup to CBD.

Medium 300mg Raw CBD oil contains 1mg of CBD+CBDa per drop and a total of 300mg of CBD+CBDa per 100 ml bottle.

Our Strong concentration, is best for larger dogs who need a higher dose of CBD.

Strong 1500mg Raw CBD oil contains 5mg of CBD+CBDa per drop, and a total of 1500mg of CBD+CBDa per 100 ml bottle.

*CBD for dogs dosage guide is not FDA approved. Endoca products are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose, any disease, illness or condition.

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CBD for Dogs FAQ’s

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Studies into the effects of the compound CBD show there aren’t any signs that CBD isn’t safe for dogs or other pets. We appreciate that your dog’s well-being and safety is high on your list of dog parent priorities. Therefore we always advise that you seek advice from your veterinarian before considering giving your dog CBD. All Endoca products are created under strict pharmaceutical control to ensure quality and safety. Please remember that Endoca products are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition in dogs.

All Endoca CBD for dogs products are suitable for both dogs and humans, in fact, they’re the same. We wouldn’t give your dog anything less than the best high-quality hemp extracts we offer to humans. We believe your pets deserve the same pharmaceutical grade quality that we produce for you.

Dogs can use CBD for a number of reasons, some of our loyal customers have reported using CBD to help them manage their companion’s age-related symptoms, separation anxiety and improve general well-being. Please remember that Endoca CBD products are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition in dogs.

The compound CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating or ‘high’ inducing effects, so it shouldn’t make your dog high. Some CBD oils may contain trace amounts of THC (0.3%), however not in large enough amounts to cause the ‘high’ effect.

As a simple guide to using Endoca CBD for dogs products. Our blue medium strength CBD oil range is best for small-medium sized dogs and our red strong strength CBD oil range is best for larger dogs. We wouldn’t recommend giving our red strong strength oil or hemp extract CBD products to dogs under 25lbs. You can check our CBD for dogs dosage guide for more information on how to work out your dog’s estimated dosage using their weight and size.

Yes, all our CBD for dogs products are suitable for both dogs and humans. The only difference should be the amount of CBD that is given to your dog compared to humans. Your furry friends are a lot smaller than you, so always make sure you follow the general guidelines for dosage depending on your dog’s weight and size to find the right amount.

Our dosage guide for dogs will help you decide how much CBD to give to your dog. We recommend that you start with a low dose. Every dog is different so it’s always best to gradually work your way up to the ideal amount. Always monitor the effects after you administer a dose, to check for adverse reactions. Please remember that Endoca CBD products are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition in dogs.

This all depends on your preferred method. By adding oil drops to the mouth CBD can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the mucous membrane. We advise dropping the drops into the mouth, away from teeth and avoid putting the glass dropper directly into your dog’s mouth for safety reasons, as the dropper may break.

If your dog is sensitive to the taste of hemp you can also add CBD oil drops to your dog’s food to disguise the taste, however, this may have a more delayed effect.

The compound CBD works with your dog’s endocannabinoid system to help create balance in their internal system, this can help promote feelings of general well-being and help you manage their day-to-day stresses. To find out more about how CBD works with your dog’s body, visit our CBD for dog’s info page for more information.

Endoca Raw CBD oils and Hemp oils are both derived from the same organic hemp extracts. Endoca hemp oils are heated to convert CBDa into more CBD, as some of our customers prefer the effects of more CBD. We offer our Raw CBD oils for dogs because Raw contains and larger entourage of beneficial cannabinoids, minor cannabinoids, plant waxes, and cofactors, just as nature intended.

At Endoca we always advise that you seek medical advice from a professional veterinarian before considering using CBD with other medications. Please note: Endoca CBD products for dogs are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition.

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