CBD Suppositories

Shop our CBD suppositories for a quick and effective way to take CBD. Suppositories are also ideal if you don’t like swallowing CBD products or have trouble keeping CBD down.

What are the benefits of using CBD suppositories?


They’re quick and effective


CBD suppositories are an effective method for taking CBD because it’s absorbed straight into the bloodstream via capillaries in the anal or vaginal passage — therefore avoiding the digestive process.

The effects of CBD are often noticed within 10–15 minutes after application and can last around 4-8 hours.


You can avoid the taste of hemp


We love the taste of hemp but we appreciate it’s not for everyone. Using CBD suppositories avoids that.


It still allows CBD dosage if you can’t take CBD orally


Sometimes due to vomiting, an injured throat or gastrointestinal difficulties, it can be impossible to take your daily CBD dose via an oral method. Our CBD cannabis suppositories make it possible for you to have CBD every day.


How do you use CBD suppositories?


Our CBD hemp oil suppositories are for rectal use or as vaginal capsules. Refrigerate before using and wash hands before and after use. See our individual product pages for individual directions and instructions.