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Endoca Editorial Policy, Procedure & Author Guidelines

The values and philosophy of Endoca’s website are defined within the editorial guidelines and objectives outlined below.

Who Writes Content for Endoca?

Here at Endoca, we value the integrity of quality content, above all else.  We are always overwhelmed at just how many incredible people want to get on board with our mission and values and contribute content to our site.


Submissions from writers, bloggers, and influencers are welcome, although submissions should always be in line with the specific guidelines of our content policy. Endoca reserves the right to exercise its editorial judgment and reject any article at any time for any reason, that does not fall in line with our editorial guidelines.

We welcome submissions from professional writers, bloggers, or influencers who are qualified and have authority in the medical, legal, and wellness sphere related to CBD. We invite writers who can provide informative, accurate, and engaging content to our readers.

Content Submission Guidelines

We are dedicated to sharing and creating original content that sheds light on the potential benefits of the hemp compound cannabidiol (CBD). Our editorial content acts as a guide to readers, who are interested in the potential benefits of CBD and the values of Endoca.

Our editorial content covers:

  • The science of CBD, based on medical research

Who can write this type of content? Medical doctors and/or health professionals

  • CBD news and Hemp industry news

Who can write this type of content? Experienced writers and professional journalists

  • Health and wellness

Who can write this type of content? Health and wellness coaches/professionals.

Contributors must have a background in the area in which articles are written. From time to time we have writers that contribute to our blog that are passionate about and/or have experience writing on the topic of CBD.


The views of all blog contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the Endoca company and its staff. Our editorial content is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, treat, cure, or give dietary, or safety advice, and should not be used for such purposes.  Endoca CBD products have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Content on this site is not a substitute for professional medical or healthcare advice. Always seek advice from your physician or other qualified experts with any questions you may have regarding a medical question, condition, or safety concern.

Community Stories

Opinions expressed on the Endoca website via our community stories are the personal opinions of our community members. Their individual views do not necessarily reflect the views of Endoca and our content team.

How Does Endoca Choose Content?

Endoca’s editorial decision on what type of content will be published or not published is at the discretion of our content team. All content is based on factors including but not limited to: relevance to the industry, interest to readers, timeliness, and caliber of writing.

  • Endoca only accepts exclusive content that has not been published on any other platform (i.e. website, blogs, newsletter, magazines, books, etc.). Endoca requires first right of refusal and requires content to be exclusively written for Endoca.
  • All submissions are edited for accuracy of information, clarity, and quality. Once articles are submitted to us. Endoca reserves the rights to the content and may edit or remove content at their discretion. Endoca does not guarantee that authors will review final drafts prior to publishing.


  • Endoca aims to create an environment that fosters the sharing of accurate and informative CBD knowledge. Therefore it is our policy that all content from contributors is thoroughly researched and reviewed by a professional for accuracy.  This requirement means that contributing authors must share all their research findings and insights, which will also be checked by our editors for accuracy.
  • Article References: To ensure the quality of the editorial content on our site, where appropriate and relevant, we add links to reputable sources to reinforce the content that is featured. Medical studies are referenced from official research and medical sites.
  • All Endoca staff members and external authors interested in writing for the site are urged to review and follow these guidelines. Submitting well-researched content aids us in conducting ethically responsible editorial behavior.
  • All site contributors must be featured on our contributors’ page with a full bio. At the end of every article, a brief author biography will be featured consisting of the author’s name, professional title, credentials, and affiliations. It will also include links to an email address where the author can be reached for more information with links to websites and their social media.

Monitoring Process

In the interest of maintaining a high standard of content, we conduct regular audits of our content via a panel of editors and external reviewers who are selected based on their qualifications in the field relevant to the article(s) they are reviewing. Due to the nature of the ever-changing CBD industry, we review and update existing content regularly.

After Publication

All contributors are encouraged to share and promote their Endoca contributions once they have been published via their website, blog, or social media.

Contact us

Individuals that wish to connect with us and contribute to are invited to send an email to We welcome your contribution and will respond to your email within 20 working days.

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