What are our food supplements?

Designed by doctors and pharmacists our food supplement range was created to help support modern diets that are lacking vital nutrients and vitamins. We have created unique formulas that not only help to unlock your genes, they bio-hack your internal system to help you reach your true potential.

Endoca food supplements help to support a healthy immune system and build body strength. After years of research on how to achieve balance in the body and mind. Endoca discovered a special blend of organic vitamins and minerals to help you on your health journey.

Our organic vitamins and mineral and hemp protein, offer a unique blend of all-natural ingredients, that are filled with antioxidants, vital amino acids, and omega fatty acids.

How to use our supplements

Endoca food supplements fit easily and conveniently into your daily wellness program. Enhance your morning or evening meals, smoothies, and salads with an extra boost of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Our raw vitamins and minerals powder harnesses the power of natural antioxidants and vitamin C derived from Wild Bilberry, Feno Chaga, Raspberry, and Sea Buckthorns and much more. The natural berry flavor of Endoca Raw Vitamins and Minerals Powder makes it a perfect accompaniment to teas, desserts, fruit, and smoothies.

Incorporate Endoca raw Hemp Protein Powder into your day to day routine, as part of a balanced diet. The nutty taste of our organic hemp protein powder lends itself to sweet and savory dishes. Add to dips, garnish salads and even add it to your baked bread and cakes.

Organic food supplements

Endoca high-quality food supplements are sourced from the finest organic natural ingredients. We only use unprocessed plants that are naturally high vitamins and nutrients.

We believe organic is best for your health, and understand it’s hard to understand all the chemical names that go into most of your food supplements, that’s why Endoca food supplements are 100% plant-based and natural. We’ll never use synthetic ingredients to create our supplements.

Endoca supplements are not only organic and free from pesticides, toxins, and chemicals, they are raw and unprocessed, maintaining all the vital nutrients that plants have to offer.

How we make our supplements

To maintain the high standards we expect from our organic food supplements, we produce them under strict quality control. All the ingredients that go into Endoca’s food supplements line are organic, non-GMO and pesticide-free.

Advanced technology is used to create our food supplements, using only compressed air, without chemicals or toxins. Offering a clean and high-quality product. Normal food supplement production processes use chemicals that are non-sustainable. We cultivate our hemp at our farms, where we use organic, sustainable and old fashioned methods of cultivation inspired by permaculture.

Because we vow to protect the environment as part of our eco mission. Each bottle of hemp protein you purchase for your health helps grow another 108 square feet of non-GMO hemp, helping restore nature’s balance not just in your body but also to the planet.

Food supplements FAQ's

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Endoca raw food supplements are a natural and organic alternative to synthetic vitamins and proteins. Often conventional supplements contain chemicals, animal products and bulking agents. Raw supplements are unprocessed and derived from plants, maintaining more of the raw vitamins and minerals that are found naturally in nature.

Yes, Endoca raw supplements are 100% raw and plant-based, free from animal products, GMOs and chemicals. They can be added to your raw food diet to help boost your vitamins, minerals and protein intake.

Raw vitamins, minerals and proteins use the raw power of plants to help boost your nutrition. Endoca raw vitamins and minerals are rich in vitamin C and natural antioxidants derived from Wild Bilberry, Feno Chaga, Raspberry and Sea Buckthorns and much more. While our proteins are derived from hemp seeds, which are a great source of complete protein for vegans and vegetarians.

Raw vitamins and minerals powder, is a perfect accompaniment to teas, desserts, fruit and smoothies. While our Hemp protein powder can be used to boost powder shake and be used for sport recovery.

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