CBD Edibles

Endoca’s premium CBD edibles are brought to you in the form of CBD chewing gum. Our CBD gum contains our high-quality whole-plant extract and is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, including chicle from the South American rainforest. We encapsulate the power of CBD, and it’s other enriching phytocannabinoids to bring you our celebrated CBD edibles. The modern work day can leave you frazzled and on edge, the natural benefits of CBD, are brought to life, with our calming and relaxing CBD chewing gum. Made with love and care for the environment.

What are CBD edibles?

CBD edibles are simply, edible products infused with Endoca quality CBD. At present, we stock our gum, which delivers quick and convenient calming support. The bioavailability of chewing gum makes it a real fan favorite and over the years has become a highly revered Endoca product within our range.

Edibles are an effective way of getting immediate CBD benefits. By chewing our CBD gum, or holding it under your tongue, you will mirror the benefits of other CBD products – but with less hassle! Our organic, chemical-free gum contains 15mg of CBD per piece. A consistent concentration of CBD in each gum allows you to accurately manage your CBD intake.

How to use our edibles

Our gum provides easy, accessible and quick relief. Using our CBD chewing gum is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to take CBD on your commute or in social situations. It’s ideal for those CBD lovers who like discrete and travel-friendly products.

CBD chewing gum offers you a discreet way to take your CBD dose, easing those nerves with feelings of calm. Due to the minty flavor of our gum, it’s perfect for those who find the strong taste of hemp too overpowering.

How the edibles are made

A blend of xylitol (a natural sweetener found in Birch trees), sunflower lecithin and wild peppermint essential oils. An invigorating, CBD-rich blend that leaves you feeling relaxed and calm. The perfect formula for fast-acting relief, on the move.

Our edibles are created in line with Endoca’s promise to produce consistent, GMP certified quality. Made from non-GMO hemp, each packet of gum contains hemp extracts that are third-party lab tested. We strive to make the most natural products possible, which is why we made our chewing gum sugar free and with organic ingredients you can trust.

CBD Edibles FAQ’s

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CBD Edibles are an easy and convenient oral method of taking your CBD dose. Endoca CBD edibles, aren’t like other edibles that need to be ingested to take effect. CBD chewing gum enables you to quickly and easily absorb CBD through the membranes in the lining of your mouth straight into your bloodstream.

Edibles can be taken whenever you feel you need them. There aren’t any rules or a specific time of day that works best. You can chew CBD gum at times you feel you need to relax or focus.

Endoca CBD edibles work in a similar way to CBD oil, as they both allow you to absorb CBD through the lining of the mouth. Each piece of Endoca CBD Chewing gum contains 15mg of Decarb CBD extract which is the equivalent of 15 drops of our medium hemp oil drops and 3 drops of our strong hemp oil drops. You also have the added bonus of the natural minty flavor that comes with our gum.

As the CBD infused flavour is released as you chew, some of the CBD will be swallowed at some point which may lessen the absorption by the mouth.

Pop it in your mouth like any other piece of chewing gum and chew! You may find the consistency of our gum to be a bit softer than conventional gum. That’s because we use organic chicle gum from the rainforest, which has a softer and looser consistency. 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

By chewing CBD gum you absorb CBD directly into your bloodstream through the membranes in your mouth. This allows you to quickly and effectively receive your CBD dose. Not to mention it’s discreet and has a minty taste.

CBD edibles can be used for a variety of reasons that range from daily stress management, promoting feelings of calm and focus to improving sleep cycles and overall well-being. Endoca CBD chewing gum is designed to help with daily wellness and is NOT intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease, illness or condition.

Endoca CBD chewing gum is designed to help with daily wellness and is NOT intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease, illness or condition. We advise consulting your doctor regarding severe pain symptoms. For more information on CBD and pain management we recommend you consult the latest trusted medical research for more information.

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum is NOT intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease, illness or condition. While CBD is thought to have the potential to promote feelings of calm and relaxation, Endoca products are designed to help with overall wellness and general well-being. We advise consulting your doctor regarding severe anxiety symptoms. For more information on CBD and anxiety, we recommend consulting the latest trusted medical research for more information.

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum is made from 100% organic ingredients. You may find the consistency of our gum a little different to regular chewing gum. This is due to its natural chicle formula which we source from the rainforest. We make all our CBD Gum with natural flavorings– from wild peppermint and xylitol which we extract from birch trees.

Endoca CBD gum doesn’t contain any of the synthetic ingredients of conventional chewing gum which makes it 100% biodegradable (it will breakdown and disintegrates after use). Making it better for you and the planet.

CBD chewing gum can be a good place to start for CBD beginners, as the ease of taking gum is a familiar process to most. And you receive the benefits of CBD being absorbed through the mouth, which offers fast and effective results. CBD gum is neat and compact and can be taken on the go. It conveniently fits into your bag or rucksack, so you’re never lost without your CBD dose.

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