Top 22 high CBD strains that might help your medical condition

Confused about the amount of high CBD strains for sale on the web? Not sure how to choose among the numerous varieties of Indica and Sativa strains with high CBD content? Or, don’t know which particular CBD strain is the best for you?

Well, after reading this article you should not only have a clearer idea of the variety of strains high in CBD, but also be able to choose the best CBD strain for you, from among the most popular ones.

What is a high CBD strain?

High CBD cannabis strains, or CBD rich cannabis strains are marijuana strains with a high CBD content. Cannabis is divided into two species: Indica and Sativa. They are different both morphologically, meaning in how they look, and biochemically, meaning they contain a different ratio of cannabinoids and other hemp nutrients.

Every high CBD hemp strain can be both Indica, Sativa or a hybrid of the two. The hybrids are strains that contain both Sativa and Indica characteristics, and they can also be Indica or Sativa dominant, depending on the how they have been bred.

Here is a CBD strain list with the most popular high CBD strain available on the market.

The underlined names are the top CBD strains according to customers. Click on them to find out more about them.

Sativa High CBD Strains:

  1. CBD Mango Haze
  2. Charlotte’s Web
  3. Dance World
  4. Harlequin
  5. Hawaiian Dream
  6. Island Sweet Skunk
  7. Jamaica Lion
  8. Johnny’s Tonic
  9. MadiHaze
  10. Rafael
  11. Swiss Gold

Indica High CBD Strains:

  1. Afghani CBD
  2. CBD Shark
  3. Critical Mass
  4. Dark Star
  5. Devil Fruit
  6. Digweed
  7. Haoma
  8. Pennywise
  9. Remedy
  10. Stephen Hawking Kush
  11. Sweet and Sour Widow
  12. Violator Kush

Hybrid High CBD Strains:

  1. ACDC
  2. Avi
  3. Avi-Dekel
  4. Blueberry Essence
  5. Canna-Tsu
  6. Cannatonic
  7. Dieseltonic
  8. GI001
  9. Harle-Tsu
  10. Maui Bubble Gift
  11. Midnight
  12. Nebula II CBD
  13. OG Ringo
  14. One to One
  15. Purple Cheese
  16. Ringo’s Gift
  17. Sour Tsunami
  18. Trident
  19. Valentine X
  20. VCDC
  21. Warlock
  22. Zen

Let’s look at them in detail to see which CBD strain is best for your needs:


CBD Mango Haze

This high quality smoking strain, high in CBD, was launched in 2013 by CBD Crew. Usually the mutual ratio of CBD and THC can vary between 1:1 to 2:1. The smell and the flavour evoke the sweetness of mango and other tropical fruits. CBD Mango Haze is pleasant for smoking but also for other herbal preparations. Due to the high amount of cannabinoids, CBD Mango Haze is used a lot in tinctures and other alcoholic extracts. However, since the percentage of cannabinoids in CBD Mango Haze can vary a lot, it is not very suitable for home-breeding.

Effects on the body:
Euphoric +++++
Relaxed +++++
Focused +++++
Happy ++++
Uplifted ++++

Medical applications: CBD Mango Haze seems to be very helpful for pain management, but also for stress and inflammation. Many consumers have also reported CBD Mango Haze is very helpful for depressive conditions and fatigue.
Undesired effect: Dry mouth is the only one reported by customers.

Charlotte’s Web

The name Charlotte’s Web comes from the popularised medical case of the 4 year old, Charlotte, who suffered from Dravet syndrome; a rare form of epilepsy that can result in hundreds of seizures a day. For this reason, and because of its almost none psychotropic effects, Charlotte’s Web has been used for treating seizures in small children. This strain is great for those of you who wish to go about your daily tasks without feeling the effects of their medications. It has an earthy and woody flavour with the scent of pine.

Effects on the body:
Relaxed: +++++
Uplifted: ++++
Happy: +++
Focused: ++
Energetic: ++

Medical applications: As with many other high CBD strains, it has been reported by consumers that Charlotte’s Web has helped them in cases of pain management and seizures. Also a large number of people found Charlotte’s Web to be extremely helpful in cases of depression and related disorders. Charlotte’s Web also seems to be successful for inflammation and migraines.
Undesired effects: Together with a dry mouth, some cases of dizziness have been reported. Therefore Charlotte’s Web should be used with caution.


One of the most popular CBD high strains is Harlequin. The equal ratio of THC and CBD in Harlequin of 2:5 is usually quite consistent. Harlequin is an hybrid of three different C. Sativa strains: Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss Sativa. Its flavour is mostly earthy and woody, but some plants also have a sweet mango taste. One of the amazing properties of Harlequin seems to be its ability to relax without sedation, making it a great ally in situations causing social anxiety and stress. According to consumers, Harlequin gives a pleasant focussed and “clear-minded” feeling that many people find helpful when dealing with their daily tasks.

Effects on the body:
Relaxed: +++++
Happy: +++++
Focused: ++++
Uplifted: +++
Energetic: +++

Medical applications: Pain and stress management seems to be Harlequin’s strengths according to consumers. However, depression and inflammation issues like IBS, migraines and arthritis also seem to be successfully treated by Harlequin users.
Undesired effects: Once again, dry mouth seems to be the biggest issue associated with Harlequin’s use.


Pennywise: although associated with the scary clown in Stephen King’s book It, it won’t give you nightmares! On the contrary, this CBD Indica cross strain will most likely help your sleep and relaxation. The ratio of CBD and THC in Pennywise is about 1:1, but in this case some of the THC properties are more evident. Pennywise will make you hungry while creating a slightly buzzing effect in your body. However, you will most likely not experience any of the paranoia or anxiety usually associated with THC use. High CBD Pennywise is not an autoflowering strain, but it is able to flower in about two months, making it a very good choice for both indoor and outdoor breeding.

Effects on the body:
Relaxed: +++++
Happy: +++
Sleepy: ++
Uplifted: ++
Hungry: ++

Medical applications: According to Pennywise consumers, this CBD high strain works well for pain, stress and depression. This means that it could in theory be very useful in cases of anxiety and related issues. Like many other CBD high strains, Pennywise seems to also work well for inflammatory issues like arthritis, headache and gastrointestinal disorders.
Undesired effects: Again, dry mouth seems to be the biggest issue.

Stephen Hawking Kush

This Indica dominant strain was named after the famous scientist Stephen Hawking and it is one of the most peculiar CBD cuts on the market. Unlike many other strains, it is characterised by a strong cherry taste with a hint of mint. Its strength seems to be inflammation relief according to the majority of consumers. Stephen Hawking Kush seems to also give a nice soothing effect both mentally and physically.

Effects on the body:
Relaxed: +++++
Happy: ++++
Euphoric: ++
Focused: ++
Tingly: ++

Medical applications: CBD strains benefits you can experience by using Stephen Hawking Kush are relief from inflammatory issues, like arthritis, headache, IBS, fibromyalgia, and many more. Other high CBD strains benefits are within pain and stress management. One particular medical application of Stephen Hawking Kush is to get relief from nausea, which is very common among patients going through chemotherapy.
Undesired effects: Beside the very common dry mouth feeling, Stephen Hawking Kush can also cause eye dryness.

Sweet and Sour Widow

This high CBD strain is true to its name. The flavour of this cannabis strain resembles that of a sweet onion. It provides a very mild psychoactive effect, but will not give you a foggy head. The name originates from the sweet scent of onions and from the hybrid strain White Widow, the powerful strain that Sweet and Sour Widow originates from. It contains a ratio of about 1:1 in THC and CBD.

Effects on the body:
Relaxed: +++++
Happy: ++++
Euphoric: +++
Sleepy: ++
Uplifted: ++

Medical applications: Sweet and Sour Widow seems to work particularly well for stress and insomnia. It has also been used successfully by consumers for pain management, depression and fatigue.
Undesired effects: Dry mouth seems to be the most common side effect associated with Sweet and Sour Widow use.


ACDC has a very impressive ratio of 1:20 in THC to CBD, scoring one of highest content of CBD among CBD-rich strains. Since the percentage of CBD is of 19% in average, ACDC has become very popular among consumers for treating pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. ACDC has a sour, citrus smell, combined with more earthy and woody flavours.

Effects on the body:
Relaxed: +++++
Uplifted: +++
Happy: +++
Focused: ++
Euphoric: +

Medical applications: According to consumers, patients affected by chronic pain and stress have scored the highest rate of success by using ACDC. However, ACDC seems to be very helpful for the treatment of depression, chronic and acute inflammation and muscle spasms.
Undesired effects: Some patients have experienced cases of anxiety and headache while using ACDC. Besides those, a dry mouth still remains the one of the most common issue.


Cannatonic is popular among medical marijuana strains both for its almost absent psychoactive effects, and for its popularity in pain management among patients. Cannatonic has a very high content of CBD (up to 17%) and a ratio of CBD/THC that varies from 1:1 to 3:1. It has often been used by patients to treat, among other things, pain, migraines, anxiety, and muscle spasms. The flavour of cannatonic is earthy with hints of citrus and pine.

Effects on the body:
Relaxed: +++++
Happy: +++
Uplifted: +++
Euphoric: ++
Focused: ++

Medical applications: Also in this case stress and pain management are the most common conditions that Cannatonic seems to help. However, a remarkable amount of consumers have successfully used Cannatonic for treating depression. Patients affected by inflammation and insomnia have also found using Cannatonic helpful .
Undesired effects: Dry mouth and dry eyes seem to be the most common side effects associated with Cannatonic use. However, some cases of dizziness have also been reported by regular consumers.

Ringo’s Gift

This high CBD strain has been named after the cannabis activist Ringo Lawrence Ringo. There are many phenotypes of Ringo’s gift, and the most common has a ratio of THC/CBD at 1:1. However, some phenotypes can reach up to a content of CBD 24 times higher than THC. It is known for giving a full relaxation body effect without the so called “couch-lock”.

Effects on the body:
Relaxed: +++++
Uplifted: +++
Happy: ++
Focused: ++
Tingly: +

Medical applications: Ringo’s gift has been used successfully by consumers mostly for pain management, but also for inflammation and related issues. Patients with stress, muscle spasms and fatigue have also reported to be helped by its use.
Undesired effects: Dry mouth and eyes are the most common issues associated with this high CBD cannabis strain.

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