CBD Wax – try a new upbeat experience

A ‘wax’ is a small amount of a concentrated cannabis CBD extract that has a waxy appearance and texture. CBD Wax is similar to the standard cannabis concentrate, but is made from hemp and does not cause any psychoactive high.

What is CBD Wax?

CBD wax is one option while considering various CBD products. High CBD wax is mainly produced by whipping the cannabis oil during the extraction process. The wax is extracted through the carbon dioxide process, which is the purest form of CBD extraction compared to other processes, such as oil and ethanol methods.

Wax is also popularly known as “a dab” (inhale) because of its related consistency. CBD wax for some people is easier to manage than oil, although both contain an equal percentage of CBD.

Best CBD Wax without THC

We have learned that what many customers like the most about CBD wax is that it is one of the components of the hemp plant that does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound that creates the sensation of being high.

With no high effect, the consumer is free to enjoy all of the benefits of the CBD (cannabidiol) without giving up their current lifestyle.

Buy CBD Wax

There is absolutely no worry about it being illegal to purchase, possess, resell or distribute CBD wax. CBD is 100% legal – apart from a few places that maintain a very conservative stance.

Different ways to consume CBD wax


Most CBD concentrates like raw hash are actually not designed to be consumed orally. The CBD compound should be activated through a process, known as decarboxylation. Butane cannabis oil and bubble cannabis in combination with glycerin, butter, oil, or alcohol, generate an edible form of CBD concentrate.

To inhale / dab

You don’t need to have herculean lung capacity in order to inhale CBD wax.

Vaporizers are the most commonly used tool when consuming your CBD concentrates. You do so by combining them with the herb, then smoking it as you would with a flowers or buds. However, concentrates are often burned at different temperatures and speeds.

In order to use a dab for your wax, you must have a vape pen designed to vape.

Using a Bowl

Today a lot of dispensaries and head shops offer concentrate bowl accessories for various bongs and bubblers. Place the wax at the base of the bowl and heat it up using a glass baton. This make the concentrate vaporize upon contact and the vapor is smoked directly.

Tinctures (oil drops in pipette)

CBD concentrates can also be consumed in the form of tinctures, which are liquid concentrates. These are usually procured using alcohol to take out the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. These tinctures are available in small containers with droppers on the top. Place drops of tincture beneath your tongue and feel the instant effects of this nice concentrate.

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