CBD Vape Oil

5 questions you should ask before buying a CBD vape oil

CBD has been a buzzword circulating the internet recently. A potent compound found primarily in the cannabis plant, it is used in many ways such as extracts, tinctures, pastes, edibles, and now vape oil and e-liquids.

But what is the big deal about vaping CBD oil? In this article, we discuss 5 questions that you should ask before vaping CBD oil.

1. What’s the difference between CBD vape juice, CBD vape oil and CBD e-liquid?

Let’s look at each one, and find out what they comprise of.

CBD vape oil

CBD vape oil can also be known as CBD rich cannabis vape oil. It is a concentrated form of cannabis in oil with a high level of CBD.

If you use a vape pen, the oil goes on to a coil inside and is heated. As the coil heats, the oil begins to evaporate. As the oil begins to evaporate, you can begin to inhale.

A lot of people ask us if it’s possible to be vaping cannabis oil. The answer is sort of! You can vape cannabis oil, but we do not recommend it, as oil should not be inhaled, however if you dont want to use the chemicals found in e-liquids, you can find yourself a CBD concerntrate to vaporise, but you will need to make sure your vaporizer advertises itself as compatible with waxes and resins.

CBD E Liquid

Also known as CBD vape liquid, this is a product made for using in e-cigarettes or vaporisers. liquid is made from a mix of substances. One is VG or vegetable glycerin, and the other known as PG or Propylene Glycol.

Most people find a mix of the two components makes for the best CBD vape oil effects, but everyone is different. Remember, CBD e liquid is totally different to CBD hemp oil vape or cannabis oil vape products. An e-liquid is a mix of chemicals with the addition of CBD rather than an extracted CBD oil.

CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juice is just another term to refer to CBD based e liquids, with vape juice and e liquid being used interchangeably.

Now we know the difference between CBD vape juice, CBD vape oil and CBD e liquid.

2. What are some of the positives of starting to vape CBD?

Pain management
Many people who use CBD vape oil for pain related issues say that it helps to manage their pain on a day to day basis.

Fast absorption
Did you know vaporising CBD is the fastest way to absorb CBD? The compound is directed straight into our lungs and then absorbed directly into the bloodstream thanks to the permeability of our lungs.

CBD won’t get you high
Many people worry about the psychoactive effects of cannabis, but it’s important to understand that THC is the compound in cannabis that produces this result, but CBD vape oil does not get you high. In fact, studies have shown that CBD can actually be protective against the psychoactive effects of THC!

Now, the positives are all well and good, but…

3. What are some of the negatives about vaping CBD?

Vaporised CBD effects wear off faster than using other methods
When CBD is inhaled, its effects last for the shortest time in comparison to other methods of ingesting CBD, even the best CBD vape oil will not last as long in the body as CBD suppositories or an extract administered orally; even if you buy the strongest CBD vape oil on the market!

Only CBD vape oils can be organic
Organic CBD vape oil is not difficult to find, you just need to find a company that is producing organic CBD oil extracts and can prove it with 3rd party lab tests. CBD e liquid or vape juice however is usually a mix of two chemicals. VG (vegetable glycerin) can be organic as it can be derived from natural sources, while PG (propylene glycol) is a product produced by man, meaning it’s impossible to find organic PG.

CBD vape oil and CBD vape juice / e liquid need different types of vaporizers to be used
This means that CBD vape oil for vape pens can not be used in an e-cigarette. Inside a CBD vape oil cartridge is a coil that is especially made for vaporising oils, but not even the best CBD vape juice can be used in a vaporiser made for oils. This is why it’s extremely important you do your research before settling on a vaporiser or e-cigarette. Make sure you know which CBD product you will use the most before you purchase your hardware.

Hopefully we have given you the information you needed to compare the differences between CBD vape juice, CBD vape oil and CBD e-liquid. So now let’s look at…

4. Why you should try vaping CBD?

CBD vape oil legal in most countries

Did you know most CBD products come from hemp? Hemp is a type of cannabis that has lower than 0.2% of THC, meaning it’s legal in most countries! Check online to see if hemp is legal in your country.

CBD may help you quit smoking

CBD has got some attention from researchers in regards to tackling addiction, with many people hoping it could be a way out for those battling with substance abuse.

Vaping CBD is better for you than smoking cannabis, even high CBD strength strains.

Smoking causes plant matter to burn and combust. This can result in nasty compounds entering the body via the lungs. Vaping, however, heats the plant material and causes the CBD to evaporate without burning the plant material. This means you can avoid all the side effects of smoking while still consuming CBD via inhalation.

CBD has become popular among asthma sufferers

Researchers have found that CBD can relax the larynx of those dealing with asthma problems.

CBD doesn’t get you high!

CBD does not elicit the biological reaction that THC does, and doesn’t make the user high. Some people tell us they feel relaxed and calm. Other people tell us they feel more alert and focussed. This means it is easy to incorporate into a daily routine without fear of becoming ‘high’ or testing positive for cannabis.

So the next question we need to ask is…

5. What should you look out for shopping for a CBD vape oil?

If you’re looking for CBD vape oil, make sure your CBD vape oil is 100% organic and the company has 3rd party lab tests. This is the only way to know that your CBD vape oil is organic and free of chemicals and pesticides.

If you want to buy a CBD vape e liquid or CBD vape juice, try and find a product where the VG (vegetable glycerin) is organic. Ensure that the CBD in your CBD vape product comes from organic plants.

When looking for any kind of CBD product, purity should be your number one concern, and finding a pure CBD vape oil is no different. Your CBD vape oil must be 100% pure hemp derived. Make sure the flavours used in your CBD vape products are 100% natural. E liquid CBD products usually add flavours derived from chemicals, so it’s very important to know where the ingredients in your products come from.

But what’s that you ask? Where can I buy CBD vape oil near me?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the CBD vape oil and CBD vape juice for sale on the market. So we are here to tell you exactly where to get the best quality CBD vape products on the market.

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