Best CBD Oil Review Sites

Choosing a CBD oil can be a confusing process.

You’ve probably spent hours reading articles about how CBD works. Next, you have to decide whether you want a vape oil, to try some edibles or take CBD drops.

Now it’s a matter of which of the seemingly endless number of CBD companies you want to buy your product from. Tricky right? After all, they all seem to offer the same thing.

Of course, if you’ve done your research you should only be considering companies with top CBD reviews, whose products come from 100% organic hemp, are chemical free, use a CO2 extraction method, and have a reliable customer service track record.

But even if you discount the companies who don’t fulfill these criteria, there are still a plethora of different CBD suppliers left. We know, because Endoca is one of them.

So what to do?

Well, basically you have three options:

  1. Consult an independent hemp CBD oil review site
  2. Look for reviews on CBD oil in CBD user groups on Social Media like Facebook
  3. Cross reference any CBD store reviews on consumer review sites like Trustpilot.

What’s all the fuss about CBD then?

The CBD oil market place is pretty crowded these days. That’s because the world and his dog have woken up to the fascinating effects that CBD seem to have on the body.

Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that won’t get you stoned, but scientists believe CBD may have therapeutic potential for many health conditions.

Right now, there is a ton of scientific research going into CBD as an anti-inflammatory agent, its ability to reduce seizures in epilepsy, as a safe alternative in chronic pain, and much, much more.

While it’s true that until now, much of this research has been limited to laboratories, it won’t be long before there are more randomised CBD clinical trials, and pharmaceutical versions of CBD based medicine.

Consequently, there has been a kind of CBD oil gold rush, with hundreds of companies trying to take advantage of the growing public interest.

Unfortunately, the CBD market is fairly unregulated. Just because a CBD oil product is on sale, doesn’t guarantee you get what is advertised on the label. Only recently, batches of CBD oil products have been tested to see if they really contain what they say they do. Many had just a fraction of the amount of CBD advertised.

That’s why all the best reviews of CBD oil will recommend you choose a product that comes with a third party lab report, just like the reports we supply at Endoca.

Which CBD product to buy?

CBD capsules reviews, CBD tincture reviews, CBD Oil vape reviews, CBD drops reviews – the list of CBD products goes on and on.

But some basic things to remember when choosing which CBD product are:

  • Do I mind the taste of hemp? If so, then go for CBD oil drops as they’re taken under the tongue and have a good absorption rate. If not, try CBD capsules that go straight down: no hempy taste. Or you can even use CBD suppositories – no eating required!
  • Do I want an instant effect? From CBD for anxiety reviews, we hear time and time again how vaping gets rapid results. But if you want a more gradual and long lasting effect, choose CBD oil drops or capsules.
  • Do I want to get maximum bang for my buck? What we’re talking about here is making sure your body gets to absorb as much CBD as possible, otherwise, you’re not getting good value for money. So think about high strength CBD and delivery methods such as CBD oils drops, vape oils and suppositories.

Perhaps by now you’ve narrowed down your search to a shortlist of CBD suppliers and products. Let’s look at a 3 step approach to finding the best hemp CBD oil reviews.

1. Independent Hemp CBD Oil Review Sites

A good place to check out customer reviews for your potential purchase is on one of a growing number of websites offering CBD Hemp Oil reviews. We like HealthyHempOil.com and CBDoilReviews.org. Both offer a combination of customer reviews, plus information about the products and CBD companies. We particularly like CBD Oil Review as it awards badges for criteria such as safety, quality, innovation and mission.

2. CBD User Groups

It’s no surprise as more and more people are turning to CBD that a vibrant CBD user community has grown up on social media sites like Facebook. Most countries will have their own Facebook group, so if you’re curious, it’s simply a matter of doing some search.
Once a member, if you’re unsure about which CBD product to buy, start a thread and see what other members think.

Just a word of caution, these groups aren’t necessarily free from bias and are not always the most reliable or best CBD oil review sites. But, they can be useful for getting tips on dosing regimes, or getting support from others in a similar situation.

3. Check out TrustPilot

Ok, so you’ve finally narrowed down your search to one company. The CBD oil reviews look good so far, but you’re still not 100% convinced.

It’s time, then, to check out the consumer review site TrustPilot. At Endoca we encourage all our customers to leave reviews on TrustPilot. They comment on everything from customer service and speed of delivery, to whether our CBD products have had the outcome they’d hoped for.

It’s really a warts and all site. Companies have no control over what customers say, and we have the philosophy that if we get a bad review, it’s an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, and improve on our service in the future.

It also makes very inspiring reading if you want to learn about some of the amazing firsthand accounts of how CBD has changed people’s lives.

To read Endoca reviews check out TrustPilotEndoca. This is a useful tool you can use to evaluate any company you are thinking about buying CBD from.

So there you have it. You now have three simple steps for finding the best CBD oil reviews. While of course we’d love you to choose Endoca CBD products, more than anything we want you to be fully informed and confident about whichever CBD company you decide to buy from.

If you have reached the conclusion that Endoca CBD products are the ones for you, why not stop by our online store or consult one of our customer service team in live chat!