Everything you need to know about CBD oil for pain management

Ever wondered if CBD oil for pain really works? You are not alone. Pain is one of the most common reasons people begin looking into CBD oil. Many people ask themselves, will CBD oil help with pain? Or what are some CBD oil benefits for pain?

8 interesting CBD and pain management facts

  1. Studies have shown CBD to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent
  2. CBD is not psychoactive, and therefore will not make you high
  3. CBD is natural and chemical free
  4. There are no long-term side effects from CBD, unlike other popular pain relievers
  5. CBD can however, induce feelings of dizziness and tiredness if the consumer does not start at a low dose and work their way up. This method gives the body time to adjust to the introduction of CBD into the system
  6. Researchers have found CBD to be have an analgesic effect in animal models
  7. In preclinical trials CBD has demonstrated efficacy in reducing neuropathic pain
  8. Many people report better sleep when using CBD, which is when the body is repairing itself the most intensely

But what exactly is CBD?

CBD is one of over 85+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has over 400 active compounds!

What is a cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids can come in two different varieties: Endocannabinoids which are produced by all vertebrate animals, and phytocannabinoids, which are produced by plants. These cannabinoids interact with specific receptors in the body called cannabinoid cell receptors.

Recently, one of these compounds has been in the spotlight as a potential treatment for a huge variety of illnesses and diseases. That compound is called CBD

How does CBD work in our body for pain?

Pain is usually the direct consequence of inflammation and oxidative stress. During these processes, our immune system fights invading pathogens, like virus and bacteria, by releasing molecules that effectively disarm them. For this reason, every time our body is engaged in protecting us from these external invaders, we experience inflammation and related pain.

Sometimes metabolic imbalances and genetic predisposition can lead our body and immune system to the extreme, i.e. fighting against our own body. This is usually the case of autoimmune diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and many others.

Recent studies have shown that CBD seems to lessen inflammation and associated pain through a mechanism that does not resemble anything used by anti-inflammatory medications like COX-inhibitors (Ibuprofen, Naproxen, etc.) or steroids such as Cortisone.

Interestingly these studies have also shown that CBD seems to act against inflammation and pain through a system that is independent of the cannabinoid receptors.

Usually cannabinoids work by regulating our Endocannabinoid System. The EndoCannabinoid system can be found in all of us. This is where you will find the cannabinoid receptors and their corresponding molecules, the EndoCannabinoids, which we produce naturally. This system keeps our internal functions regular, balanced and in homeostasis, which is key to avoiding sickness.

However, according to studies published early this year, CBD is not directly interacting with our Endocannabinoid system when lessening inflammation and related pain. It seems instead that CBD is intervening through a complex mechanism including multiple cellular pathways that ultimately result in an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

CBD oil for pain management

Right now there is a lot of scientific research looking into the therapeutic potential of CBD for a variety of health conditions, including the use of CBD for pain management.

As many of you are probably aware, opioid abuse is spiralling out of control, with a reported 78 people dying every day from opioid overdoses in the United States alone. This is why CBD oil for pain management has the potential to be such a game changer. So, the main question is…

What’s the best CBD oil for pain?

Not all CBD is made equal, and it can depend on a few factors. Firstly, what kind of quality are the CBD extracts you are buying. The only way to know exactly what is inside your CBD extracts is by choosing a company that provides lab analysis and 3rd party lab test results with all their extracts.

What is the best form of CBD for pain control?

There are many reasons people start looking at CBD for pain relief. Some of the most popular are:

  • CBD for nerve pain
  • CBD for back pain
  • CBD oil for arthritis pain
  • CBD oil for joint pain
  • CBD oil for muscle pain
  • CBD oil for chronic pain

The list goes on! So, what is the best form to take CBD for pain control? Let’s look at the different CBD products for pain.

CBD pills for pain / CBD capsules for pain
CBD pills, also commonly referred to as CBD capsules, are people’s first thought when it comes to CBD for pain control. They are easy to take, discreet and tasteless, making them an easy option for people who want convenient CBD pain relief. That being said, consuming CBD capsules for pain actually provides the lowest level of absorption. That’s because when we take CBD orally it has to pass through our digestive system where it is broken down by stomach enzymes. So in effect, less CBD is absorbed into our bloodstream.

CBD cream for pain
CBD topical treatments are a great way to get targeted CBD consumption, as our skin is our body’s biggest organ! However, there are better ways to consume CBD that will maximise absorption, and therefore increase the positive effects of the CBD.

CBD oil for pain
CBD oil for pain is one of the most common methods to administer CBD. This method has one of the highest absorption rates, meaning more CBD can be absorbed into the body. CBD oils also provide an accurate and easy way to dosage CBD.

CBD tincture for pain
CBD tinctures are readily available online. However, we never recommend them, as to create a tincture you need to extract the cannabis in alcohol or vegetable glycerine. To us, all CBD should be extracted in the cleanest way possible, avoiding solvents at all costs.

CBD Vape oil for pain
Vaping CBD is a popular way of consuming CBD for pain management. There are two ways to vape CBD. The first being a high strength CBD e-liquid, to be put inside an e-cigarette and then ‘smoked,’ and the other way is by putting pure CBD crystals or CBD isolate into a vaporiser and vaping it pure. This method is the fastest way to get CBD into your system, with many people combining crystals and extracts at the same time, using the short lived but instant results of the crystals to buy time while the extracts begin to get to work

Why CBD oil for pain?

Many of our customers talk about how our CBD hemp oil for pain has change their lives. Whether in the form of drops, capsules or even suppositories, CBD oil pain relief is by far the most common application for CBD. It seems CBD oil and pain might go hand in hand in the future, phasing out the need for harmful pharmaceuticals in favour of this great new discovery that is CBD pain management.

CBD pain relief

CBD pain relief is within the grasp of everyone! Just make sure you use high CBD for pain, meaning your product must be high in CBD. The best CBD for pain will always be the CBD that is rigorously tested, not only by the company producing it, but also a 3rd party lab. Also, ensure that the CBD you use is extracted from organic plants. Pain can be such an immobilising and exhausting problem So, if you are using CBD for pain control, it’s worthwhile investing in a quality extract.

So if you are interested in finding quality organic, 3rd party lab tested CBD oil products, take a look at our Endoca Online Shop. You can also contact our friendly customer service team who can discuss which of our products best suit your needs.