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Uruguay: where to buy cannabis oil becomes a problem

Published on: 07/25/17

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The Uruguay government has decided that cannabis oil and other cannabis products will be sold at pharmacies – if they register as vendors. But where to but cannabis oil remains a problem, The APreports. Many pharmacies, it says, won’t be applying for licenses with some pharmacy owners citing personal opposition to the sale of cannabis while the majority say their concerns are related to safety and security.

Pharmacy owners fear robberies, theft, drug dealers

Pharmacies are often targeted by robbers and burglars, and Uruguay pharmacists say that they’re just not equipped with strong enough security measures to risk selling cannabis products. Some say that they are already getting enquiries from suspicious-looking individuals who want to know if they sell marijuana.

There are also rumours that some pharmacists have been threatened by drug dealers should they go ahead and sell marijuana. While one pharmacist said that he “saw no reason” to enter into competition with drug dealers in his neighbourhood, placing his staff at risk.

Since the legislation was created with the intention of taking cannabis sales out of the hands of criminals, it would seem that the strategy is doomed to fail owing to pharmacists fears.

Other reasons are also cited

In areas where pharmacies make much of their income from the tourist market, applications to register are few and far between. After all, only Uruguay citizens will be able to buy cannabis when it is supplied by pharmacies.

Some of the pharmacists interviewed by AP say they’re adopting a “wait and see” attitude. How difficult will it be to sell cannabis products? How profitable will it ultimately be? They simply don’t know, and they’re reluctant to move ahead with registration until this becomes clear.

Other pharmacies have applied, but say they’re not sure if they’ll ever offer an outlet where consumers can buy cannabis oil and herbal cannabis. They first want to see what procedures will have to be followed in order to do so. If the administrative burden will be a heavy one, they won’t be interested in going ahead.

Last, but not least, public opinion will be important. Pharmacists want to be regarded as trustworthy by their clients, and they worry that selling cannabis products will reflect on the credibility.

cannabis club legal

Government representatives say they’ll be happy if few pharmacies register

The AP says its reporters spoke to government representatives who offered the opinion that if few pharmacies registered, they’d be able to control the distribution of cannabis product much more easily. They declined to be named in the article since their opinion is not an official statement.

Of 1,200 pharmacies in the country, only 50 have registered for the program, and as we have seen, some of these businesses still aren’t sure that they’ll allow cannabis to be sold at their stores. Although the idea of being to control distribution more easily is understandable, it still leaves people who are wondering where to buy cannabis oil or other products in the dark.

Where to buy cannabis oil? CBD wouldn’t be such a problem

The fears and concerns expressed mainly relate to cannabis that could actually make people high: something that could be regarded as tempting or threatening by drug dealers and thieves. But CBD wouldn’t raise the issue. Since it doesn’t make people high, consumers could still have access to a safe source of medical cannabis if pharmacies were to stock it instead of THC-rich varieties.

Of course, that would negate the possibility of pharmacies taking business away from drug dealers. Alternative ideas that have been put forward include the sale of cannabis from police stations, and even vending machines.


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