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At Endoca™ our primary focus is to research and develop innovative Hemp extracts and to make them accessible world-wide. We are dedicated to producing the finest and purest quality CBD oil while never compromising on quality. Our primary goal is to develop different high quality Hemp extracts with broad profile of cannabinoids and other natural molecules found in Hemp and to identify their distinct properties.

Should you be using Marijuana oil?

With the benefits of medical marijuana under debate and in the news, many people are wondering if they should try marijuana oil to solve aches and pains, deal with stress and tension and even as an attempt to cure cancer. While there’s nothing to stop you trying whatever you’d like, there are a few things you should know before you try marijuana oil.

Is it legal in your state?

The wonderful, yet complicated legal system in the US means that marijuana oil is not legal in terms of federal law, but is legal in certain states. If medical marijuana is legal in your state, you’ll need a prescription before you can go shopping for marijuana oil. If it isn’t, you should know that you could be arrested for drug possession if you are caught with it. Too risky? Try oil of hemp instead.

Do you mind the side-effects?

You might have some difficulty living a normal life if you use marijuana oil three times a day as advocated by Rick Simpson. That’s because marijuana oil, unlike oil of hemp, is psychotropic. That is to say, you will get high. You probably shouldn’t try to drive a car or operate heavy machinery. And apart from feeling very laid back and sleepy, you may experience other disturbing effects such as:

A distorted sense of time.

Increased heart rate

Poor coordination and an inability to concentrate

Anxiety, panic attacks, and paranoid thinking

Feelings of disorientation and unreality

Of course, that’s exactly what some users of marijuana oil are looking for. But while the stereotyped image of the stoner is far from a reality, it might not suit you to be high all day long. You could be involved in a work or car accident, find yourself unable to get your work done, or have trouble mixing with other people because of feelings of self-consciousness. Are the side effects worth the risk?

Does that mean you can’t get the benefits of marijuana oil?

While these benefits are still officially under investigation, there are certainly enough stories and highly publicized research results to make you wonder whether marijuana oil might be the very thing you need. At the same time, you need to get on with your life, and some of the side effects of marijuana, though not dangerous or fatal, are pretty scary.

But what many people fail to realize (and what journalists invariably don’t even mention when reporting on sensational marijuana cures) is that you absolutely do not need to get high to experience the benign side of cannabis.

It all comes down to the differences between pot that makes you stoned, and hemp that doesn’t. Although scoffers may say that hemp isn’t ‘potent’, that’s merely because its cannabinoids don’t make you high or stoned. At the same time, they appear to have many of the same benefits of their psychoactive cousins found in marijuana.

Plus, you can’t be arrested for possession of drugs, for the simple reason that hemp oil is not a drug. It cannot affect your thinking or make you high – ergo, it isn’t a drug. US anti-drug laws are very clear about what constitutes illegal marijuana, and hemp oil meets none of these criteria. You can’t even fail a drug test with hemp oil, because it doesn’t contain THC, which the drug test is based on. At worst, you’ll get a ‘false positive’ result.

Should you be using marijuana oil? Probably not – but you can use oil of hemp for all the same reasons but one: you’ll never get high on hemp. Get hemp oil from Endoca if you want safe cannabis oil without the high.

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