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RSHO – Real Scientific Hemp Oil

RHSO stands for ‘real scientific hemp oil’. But what does it actually mean? What’s scientific about it? And why the ‘real’ – surely it either is or it isn’t? We delve into the CBD RSHO label and see what it really stands for, and whether it means anything worth noting or not.

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“As neither (Company) nor (Company) publishes any current lab results or provide any batch related information it is impossible to know the safety of the RSHO line.”

We’re not looking to libel anyone, but this surprises us. ‘Scientific’ means that lab results should be available, shouldn’t it? And since we’re dealing with a herbal crop, we know that results may vary from batch to batch – that’s why Endoca publishes the lab test results for every batch of CBD oil that we produce.

CBD RHSO – should you trust it?

Without lab results, we have to ask ourselves why on earth we should assume that the CBD RHSO line is either ‘real’ or ‘scientific’. We could go a step further and question whether it is hemp oil at all! Whatever the truth, CBD RSHO gets only three stars from CBD oil review. It is not recommended, no matter how ‘real’ or ‘scientific’ it may claim to be.

The same review website has given Endoca no less than five out of five stars and notes that Endoca leads the industry in terms of transparency because it has “nothing to hide”. That’s a vote of confidence we know we deserve. We haven’t checked CBD RSHO for ourselves, but we do know we’re ‘real scientific’ in the way we go to work!

Why we say we’re real scientific – and how you can check

We test every single batch of CBD oil we produce – and we get outside verifications. Check out our quality control reports and see for yourself. Plus, we’ve got Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. That isn’t easy to get. There are a lot of things to prove and a lot of standards to maintain if you hope to get and keep your GMP certification, but there it is!

The same thing goes for the organic certification that qualifies farmers to supply us with material for processing into hemp oil. They have to prepare a full report and submit to inspections on a regular basis if they want to maintain their certification. Just to be on the safe side, Endoca tests for pesticide residues and other toxins. Even if the farmers are trying hard to grow organic, contamination can come in from other sources!

CBD RHSO from seed to final product

If one really wants to call oneself ‘Real Scientific’ one has to be Real Scientific. We take this principles through from seed to final product.

  • The right, CBD rich genotypes.
  • The right growing conditions.
  • Organic farming methods.
  • Careful harvesting and post-harvest treatment.
  • Scientific extraction techniques.
  • Analysis and full reporting.

That’s real scientific! And to us, it’s the only way to produce hemp oil. We hope to see many other producers of CBD RSHAO following the trend we’ve set!

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