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The Hemp Industry: NSW license will help medical cannabis researchers


NSW license will help medical cannabis researchers and pave the way for the hemp industry

 After years of cannabis prohibition, it suddenly seems as if countries around the world are involved in a race to decriminalize. 25 states across America have decriminalized medical cannabis. Four of these states have gone so far as to legalize recreational marijuana consumption.

Canada is on the fast track to legalize cannabis. Germany plans to unveil a medical cannabis program in the spring of 2017 and South Africa is making the right noises too. Australia won’t be left out. Before you get excited, bear in mind that the Aussie government has no intention of legalizing recreational marijuana consumption.

Hemp cultivation pioneers

The legislation governing controlled hemp cultivation in Australia is still months away. Lawmakers are grappling with a number of aspects including how to deal with medical marijuana, whether or not CBD oil from hemp will be treated in the same way as THC oil from marijuana, what taxes should be implemented, etc.

In the meantime the NSW government wants to go ahead with medical cannabis research and has applied for a cultivation license. Private individuals hope to follow suit, but may have to wait some time before government considers approving cannabis cultivation for commercial purposes. ABC news reports that strict regulations and security measures will have to be put in place.

Minister of agriculture says Australia could become world hemp leaders

Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s federal Minister of Agriculture has said that Australian farmers have the skills, expertise and technology to be “at the forefront of the industry.”

Minister Joyce was of the opinion that it would be better to see Australian farmers being rewarded for the fruits of their labors rather than importing hemp. Government revenues would receive a welcome boost from the medical cannabis industry.

Perfect for hemp cultivation

The environmental conditions offered by Australia are perfect for hemp cultivation. Much of the hemp that gets imported into Australia is grown indoors and under lights. This has a negative impact on the cannabis plant and its ability to produce CBD and THC.

Australia has what is called the “Holy Grail” when it comes to hemp cultivation. This is a fertile soil, a warm climate and plenty of sun. Industry experts believe that once production begins, Australia will be on track to grow some of the finest cannabis in the world.

Farming Cannabis

Despite all this excitement and speculation, it’s early days for cannabis cultivation in Australia. For now, it can only be grown for research purposes, and the NSW government will be using its produce to supply studies on cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy and nausea following chemotherapy as well as looking at is potential for use among terminally ill patients.

A leading agronomist said that no two strains of cannabis are the same, that different people may be affected differently by the same strains, and that research will help to identify ‘custom medication’ for specific ailments. Australian conditions, he says, will make it possible to grow a wide range of cannabis types for research purposes.


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