Brandy Williams says that medical cannabis for autism has turned her son’s life around. She shared her moving story and explained how she came to join the advocacy group Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism (MAMMA). Az Family covered the event.

Desperate mom

Brandy’s son, Logan, was diagnosed with severe autism a few years ago. Back then, he used to self-harm by bashing his head against hard objects such as doors. Some doors in the house have as many as 30 dents. He tore his clothes off and refused to wear shoes. He didn’t sleep. He didn’t eat. He was in diapers for six years. Schools said they couldn’t cope with a kid who had so many behavioral issues.

Brandy was beyond desperate. She decided to try the only treatment left, medical cannabis for autism. To get access for Logan, she had to cite his seizure disorder as the reason because autism is not a qualifying condition.

Normal and happy on cannabis

Logan had to take strong antipsychotics such as Risperdal, but Cannabis changed his entire life. Today, he attends a public school. His teacher says he is the best-behaved child in his class: he reads, he sings, he plays. Best of all, he is happy and has friends at school.

No wonder Brandy is tearful when she speaks about what cannabis did for them as a family.

Founder of MomForce, Kathy Inman, says far too many people are taking too many pharmaceuticals. She wants all parents with autistic children or other disorders to know that cannabis is an alternative option to harmful prescription medicines.

Too many pharmaceuticals?

Kathy says that as parents and concerned citizens her organization is standing for cannabis education. Her experience tells her that cannabis is a safe, holistic, natural solution that works better than pharmaceuticals.

However, some doctors would most definitely not agree. One such doctor is Dr. Dale Guthrie, a pediatrician from Gilbert. He says he feels for parents with special needs children. He doesn’t judge them for wanting to find something that will help their kids, but he warns that cannabis use can be dangerous for young people.

Dr. Guthrie refers to research that he says shows that when teenagers use marijuana, they lose eight IQ points by the time they reach their twenties. He says this sounds small, but is proof that the brain gets affected.

Medical cannabis for autism saved her

Despite doctors’ warnings, moms are going ahead with cannabis treatments for kids. Mansouri-Rad says her daughter is blind with cerebral palsy because of an early birth. She couldn’t eat or drink. Cannabis was her light at the end of the tunnel.

The little girl is now on non-psychoactive CBD oil, and her doctors can’t believe the progress she has made. She is in school and can eat and drink and play with her sister. She laughs and is able to have a good time, all because of medical cannabis.

Autism on the Rise

With autism on the rise around the world, parents are desperately seeking ways to help their children to live the fullest possible lives. Some of them say that cannabis is the answer. Mainstream research hasn’t investigated this possibility thoroughly yet, but moms aren’t waiting for the trials and research papers. They just want their kids to be healthy and happy.

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