Wayne, a father of six, says cannabis saves lives. He was diagnosed with skin cancer and given 12 months to live if he agreed to radiotherapy.

After six weeks of radical radiation Doctors told Wayne that the cancer has spread to his lungs, lymph and liver. He would have another 12 months to live if he went for chemotherapy. He decided to stop all treatment and make the most of the time he had left. Campbell Town Macarthur Advertiser spoke to him about his experience, and found out why he says medical cannabis saves lives.

They thought their friend was an idiot

Wayne’s wife, Joanne, was broken after they received the diagnosis. She couldn’t just sit back and watch her husband die. When a friend first suggested cannabis as a therapy, she called him an idiot.


But then they did some research and decided to give medical cannabis oil a try. Within 12 weeks, the cancer was gone from his liver, lungs and one lymph node. They are waiting for scan results to see if the other lymph nodes are also clear.

Government made the right decision

Wayne praised the government for its decision to legalize medical use of marijuana as the first shipment from Canada arrived last month. Cannabis may be prescribed to people with serious conditions such as cancer, HIV, MS, and stiff person syndrome. He says the government took a big step in the right direction because cannabis saves lives.

Wayne says there are three different strengths available depending on the illness, but the strain he used is still not legal. He is convinced he would not be alive if it wasn’t for that. He hopes that cannabis with more THC in it will also become legal really soon.

Cannabis for treating cancer symptoms

Dr Mike Freelander, Macarthur MP said medical cannabis is not an official cure for cancer as there is no scientific evidence or clinical trails to prove it, but it could control symptoms.

He said it could help with pain relief and can give patients a better quality of life. It is a safe medicine because there is low risk of overdose.

Cannabis saves lives: there is no proof yet

Dr Freelander says he thinks more studies and research could clarify the usefulness of cannabinoid therapies for neurological disorders and cancer. He says it is a good thing medical cannabis is legal, and there are strict systems in place to make sure that patients who are in need can get medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis can benefit cancer patients by stimulating their appetite. It can bring relief from, and it can improve sleep. It is well known that cannabis can help patients receiving chemotherapy with nausea and vomiting.

Is Wayne alive because of cannabis?

After using medical cannabis illegally for a year Wayne is sure that cannabis saves lives. He believes he is almost cancer free, and we hope that he is right. Science hasn’t progressed far in testing medical cannabis for cancer, but the disappearance of his tumors is wonderful news. Maybe this dad will live to see his children grow up even though doctors told him he would die soon.

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