Why must women buy over the counter drugs for menstrual pain if they can use beautiful, natural, medical cannabis for menstrual cramps? This is an untapped market, and women are becoming a dominating force says Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi told Rolling Stone that women dominate the entertainment industry, and she can’t believe nobody has thought of using pain relieving cannabis for menstrual cramps. There are cannabis products for a wide selection of ailments including glaucoma, anxiety, muscle spasm and migraines, but no one mentions menstrual cramps.

Medical cannabis for menstrual cramps needn’t make you high

Whoopi says that medical cannabis products needn’t make women high. They can use non-psychoactive forms of cannabis to soothe away pain and discomfort. Although Whoopi admits to smoking cannabis, she doesn’t recommend smoking as a treatment. Unfortunately, Dysmenorrhea, or severe menstrual cramps, are not considered a qualifying condition in states allowing medical marijuana.

Should menstrual pain be a qualifying condition?

Bills to extend legal access to medical marijuana in New York and New Jersey to include dysmenorrhea have been introduced, but it might take some time and convincing in Goldberg’s state, New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie implied dysmenorrhea is not a real medical condition by saying that his state’s program focusses on true medical use for true illnesses.


Goldberg’s retort was that he has obviously never experienced menstrual cramps and other symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Therefore, he wouldn’t know if it is a real problem or not.

Democratic Assemblyman, Tim Eustace, sponsored the bill in New Jersey and said it a hearing from the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee.

Alternative bliss

No one knows if lawmakers will add dysmenorrhea to the list of qualifying conditions in states where medical marijuana is legal. It is clear that Goldberg has started an overdue debate. As Whoopi says, periods affect women’s lives and productivity, and we need to talk about it.

Popping pills for pain isn’t the only answer. Women can pamper themselves with wonderfully relaxing products, and according Whoopi, they’ll feel much better.

Does Whoopi Have a Point?

Can cannabis help with uncomfortable menstrual symptoms? Or is Whoopi just trying to make money out of marijuana? It seems there is some evidence that she’s onto something with her recommendations. Unfortunately, there isn’t much research to back her up.

Although dysmenorrhea can be extremely painful, it is never life-threatening. As a result, researchers haven’t investigated medical cannabis for menstrual cramps. We know that doctors usually prescribe anti-inflammatory pain killers. Cannabis is said to fight inflammation and reduce pain. The logic seems sound.

Looking back through history, we find that Queen Victoria herself used cannabis tinctures every month. Ancient Mesopotamian texts also mention medical cannabis for menstrual cramps. The idea isn’t new, but in a male dominated society, it may be hard to convince lawmakers to allow women to choose this ancient remedy.

Whoopi is working hard on convincing them, and we hope they’ll talk to the women in their lives to better understand the discomfort of acute menstrual pain. Nature could be offering us a solution to an age-old problem. Shouldn’t we just accept this gift?

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