Cannabis for seizures

CNBC interviewed Jesse Ventura on his book “Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto”.

The former SEAL and professional wrestler has a reputation as a fighter, and is now taking on the fight against the U.S. “War on Drugs”, which he says led to a number of spillovers, in his book.

The former Governor of Minnesota argues for the legalization of marijuana, and makes no distinction between medical and recreational use. He says he is in favor of it all, and there is no difference, the whole plant is medicine.

Cannabis benefit observed first hand

Ventura says he is taking on the cause for personal reasons as someone very close to him, whom he chooses to keep anonymous for privacy reasons, developed epilepsy, and had seizures four times a week. The person took four types of pharmaceutical medicines, none of which had any positive effect, and experienced horrible side effects.

In desperation, he took the person to Colorado where marijuana was legalized. After taking marijuana, the seizures stopped, and the person is off all the pharmaceutical medicines for the last two years. There is no doubt in his mind that the marijuana cured the seizures.

At least 25 states including Colorado and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana to some extent, either for medical or recreational use, or both. No matter what skeptics say the legalization movement has shown positive effects, since heroin use has gone down in every state that has legalized marijuana. This is the exact opposite effect to what was predicted by the propaganda that has been put out all these years, says Ventura.

Cannabis for seizures

Money and politics

The movement has also boosted the states’ financial position. The Colorado Department of Revenue’s income on marijuana tax increased from $56 million in 2014 to $113 million in 2015, and is estimated to reach $140 million this year.

Ventura says Rocky Mountain state has millions more to spend on schools, and other infrastructure from marijuana tax. Ending the War on Drugs makes sense and benefits everyone, says Ventura.

He made his opinion on the upcoming election very clear. There is no love lost for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, as both struggle under the pressure of being polarized. He would like to see them both lose, as both candidates have record negative ratings, and are both hated by the majority of people. But we will have to vote for someone, he told CNBC.

The former governor openly supports Gary Johnson, former New Mexico governor, for president. He says he has two reasons to support Governor Johnson, first, citing armed conflict abroad, he wants out of wars in the Middle East, and Johnson said he would do that. Secondly, he wants an end to the war on drugs.

Cannabis for seizures: should this be a political question at all?

Cannabis for seizures shouldn’t be a political issue at all, as no other medicine is, but many believe that the banning of cannabis was a political move in the first place. Will politicians be able to reverse this?

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