Hemp oil treatment

The New York Times reports on the latest customer base for medical marijuana: your family pets!

Lisa Mastramico needed to find relief for her ailing tabby, Little Kitty, who had painful arthritis. After trying various supplements that proved ineffectual, she turned to the unconventional option – marijuana.

At first she was concerned. She thought it’s not her place to get her cat high.

Little Kitty’s condition didn’t get any better, and it was time to give cannabis a try. After obtaining a medical marijuana card she purchased two edible cannabis oils made specifically for pets, which one squirts into the pet’s mouth.

After the treatment Little Kitty is her old self, sunbathing on the living room carpet, and playing with Lisa’s other cat.  Little Kitty never acted high falling face-first into her food bowl, or anything like that. There is just a very noticeable difference; it is as if she has a new lease on life.

CBD not THC for pets

Cate Norton, 36, works at an animal rescue center, and uses a hemp-based product for seizures and anxiety on her pets. She says to understand the effect of cannabis on animals, one must remember there are dozens of cannabinoids in cannabis. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the best known. THC is the psychoactive, which makes people high and is toxic to animals.

Industrial hemp is used to make pet products. The THC levels are negligible, but it contains plenty of CBD, offering the benefits without the buzz, and is safe for animals.

Steve Blauvelt, a veterinarian in Bend, Ore, says dogs are extremely sensitive to THC. With marijuana recently being legalized in some states, more pets end up in veterinary hospitals panting and in distress.  At first, owners deny that their dogs got hold of their stash, or hash brownies, but come clean after a while.

NY vet has products on trial

Stephen Katz, veterinarian and New York State assemblyman, has teamed up with the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania to conduct clinical trials on hemp-based powders he created for anxiety, mobility and itching.

Katz says many of his clients have to fly often, and they wanted a tranquilizer to be able to take their pets on their laps. The harsh effects of sedatives on the dog’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems are worrisome to him, and he turned to hemp as a solution.

He also treats a number of pit bulls for allergies and separation anxiety at his practice in the Bronx, and the price of his CBD products are on par with prescription drugs.

Ms. Hayes opened a dispensary in 2014, and offers a medical cannabis delivery service based in Los Angeles. She works with pet owners and their animals. She would like to have a full-service storefront where people can take their pets for consultations and care.

Hemp oil treatment for pets

A huge amount of anecdotal evidence is given in support of hemp oil treatment for pets, but as trials have not been conducted on most of the products, word of mouth will have to suffice. At least you can rest assured CBD oil will do your pet absolutely no harm.

Hemp oil treatment

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