Cannabidiol for seizures reports on a grandmother who is fighting to get her grandson cannabidiol for seizures.

Jesus Gael Ayon Palomino’s life changed radically since he started having seizures at the age of three. He used to be an active, normal little boy running around playing with his cousins and friends, riding bikes.

It is heartbreaking for his family to see him now. Since the seizures started, his little body has deteriorated drastically. First he couldn’t walk anymore, then he lost his eyesight, now he is unable to speak. The laughing little boy has become a chronic invalid.

Gael, now seven years old, has been in intensive care for a month at Regional Hospital No. 1 IMSS. He has been in medically induced comas three times because his seizures become uncontrollable. No anti-seizure medication is working for Gael, so doctors prefer to induce a coma.

Grandma wants him home

Gael’s grandma wants him to go home, and be with his family. He is on ventilators, and can’t be transported to a hospital where specialists can diagnose him. No diagnosis has been made, and his granny was just told, “The seizures are difficult to control”. She doesn’t even know what is causing them, and nor, it seems, do his doctors.

Gael’s mom and granny discovered that cannabidiol from hemp might help him. They want a doctor to assess if the herb will help Gael, and have called on the state governor to look into the case.

Doctors have no more hope

Doctors don’t expect Gael to live long, but his family has hope that his quality of life might improve if the authorities of Sinaloa would take an interest in helping him. There are other kids in similar situations that are in dire need of help, so they believe that setting a precedent could help many others in similar situations.

Charlotte’s web

Today we know cannabinoids can stop seizures after the legendary case of Charlotte Figi who was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. She was having 300 grand mal seizures a week. Her heart even stopped sometimes. Her parents signed a “do not resuscitate” order. Doctors also suggested a medically induced coma to give her small, battered body a rest.

Cannabidiol for seizures

Nothing left to try except cannabis

Then came Amendment 20, approved by voters in Colorado, and the rest is history, as two doctors, Dr. Margaret Gedde and Alan Shackelford, made the leap and signed her onto the medical marijuana program. They had serious reservations because of Charlotte’s age, but knew there was nothing more doctors could do for her. There were nothing left to try, except cannabis.

Her mom started her on a small dose, and when seizures stopped for an hour, her mom thought it was a fluke… Hour after hour her parents became more and more amazed.  She had not a single seizure for seven days. CNN reports that Charlotte is still doing well.

As Charlotte’s dad Matt says “I want to scream it from the rooftops. I want other people, other parents, to know that this is a viable option.”

Cannabidiol for seizures

Although many object that the long term effects of cannabidiol for seizures in children have not been studied, there is no negative effect more final than death. With so many reporting benefits from CBD, it is no wonder that Gael’s family want to try this last-ditch chance.

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