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CBD marijuana oil not addictive says doctor as THC addicts speak out

One of the reasons why state lawmakers and doctors are worried about legalizing and prescribing marijuana is its potential for addiction. And although it is generally considered to be a relatively mild addiction and not all marijuana users become addicts, THC addicts say it’s a habit that’s hard to kick. CBD marijuana oil, on the other hand, isn’t addictive.

Dr Nghi Phung’s comments follow on public declarations by addicts who want others to understand addiction’s risks and who want addicts to know that help is at hand if they need it. One addict said that marijuana was “fun for a long time” but that it “turns on you”. He says he was out of touch with reality and suffered from mood swings as a result of his marijuana use. Another addict said that the high he experienced on marijuana isolated him from his family.

Doctor agrees – with exceptions

Dr Phung says that she agrees that marijuana can be addictive and that this can bring about grave consequences, especially when people begin using it when very young. Even among older users, there’s a chance that marijuana can make psychiatric disorders worse or bring latent ones to the fore, she warns.

However, Dr Phung says that people must be careful to distinguish between recreational and medical marijuana use. She emphasizes that she is not critical of legislation related to making further research into the medical uses of THC easier, and says she believes it can be effective if doses are standardized and carefully controlled and marijuana is used under the supervision of a doctor.

She points to the use of medical marijuana to relieve the effects of chemotherapy and to its use as a treatment for multiple sclerosis sufferers.

THC not the only cannabinoid. CBD marijuana oil is safer.

Dr Phung points out that THC is by no means the only substance found in cannabis to be receiving research attention for possible medical benefits. CBD, she says, doesn’t have the negative effects of THC and even helps to suppress its psychoactive effects.

Unregulated cannabis that is obtained illegally invariably has strong loads of THC and not much CBD, but there are strains that are being grown for their high CBD content, although these would obviously not satisfy users in the recreational marijuana market.

CBD marijuana oil

Many believe that marijuana isn’t addictive. Who is right?

Psychology Today says that marijuana isn’t addictive in the same sense that heroin, tobacco or alcohol is, but refers to “Marijuana use disorder”, a situation in which the person’s life is undesirably affected by marijuana use, but they feel unable to stop using it.

According to JAMA research, around 6% of adults will experience marijuana use disorder at some time in their lives. Many experts prefer to classify marijuana use disorder as a psychological dependence rather than a physical addiction.

It all comes back to the high

Whatever one prefers to call it: addiction, dependence or a disorder, it can’t be denied that some people have experienced problems with marijuana. So to keep things simple, let’s just call it an “addiction” for now. And since CBD marijuana oil doesn’t produce the high, it isn’t addictive. It will be interesting to know exactly when medical marijuana is the best choice and when CBD could be substituted instead.

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