CBD for autism

Fox 9 reports on the Minnesota Department of Health considering including autism on the list of conditions for which patients can be prescribed medical marijuana. The idea is not as strange as it may sound. CBD for autism is already under scientific investigation in Israel.


There are mixed feelings expressed after the DOH announced that it was considering adding autism to the list of qualifying conditions, as there is so little known about the causes of autism, and no real treatment available. The decision comes with a heavy load of emotion to consider.

However, Kammy Krammer says she is very sure of one thing: medical cannabis helped her autistic son, Elliot, in a profound way. Elliot started using medical cannabis the day it became legal in Minnesota to manage his Tourette syndrome. The 15-year-old Elliot also suffered from debilitating anxiety that affected all aspects of his life. He had hundreds of uncontrollable twitches daily, which affected his relationship with peers.


Anecdotal evidence

Not only did Elliot experience a 90% reduction in twitches after he started on medical marijuana, but his mom noticed a remarkable difference in the effects of his autism. Autism is the consequence of information processes in the brain being altered, which then alters the way the world is seen. This could result in communication problems, social challenges and repetitive behavior.

The decision to add autism as a condition is based on the anecdotal evidence of parents such as Kammy and patients such as Elliot, which creates a degree of “uncertainty” around an already mysterious condition.

Don’t give false hope

Jonah Weinberg, the director of the Autism Society of Minnesota, is among those who is uncertain whether CBD for autism is a good idea. He says caution should be applied, as families are confronted daily by something new that might help their children.

Weinberg said, he hopes people are approached with reason and method and with more than just anecdotal evidence.

Elliot’s anecdotal evidence is remarkable though. After a year on cannabis for his Tourette’s the effect on his autism had allowed him to be in a mainstream school, and he is running in the Eagan High School cross country team.

He is not very talkative, but told Fox 9 that being part of this, the simplest of teenage activities, made him feel complete. A year ago, there was just no way his mom could have imagined Elliot attending a school football game, never mind running on a track with his mates. She now wants this for other kids as well.

CBD for autism

Worth fighting for

Kammy says she believes it is worth fighting for this cause because she knows there are other kids like Elliot whose families should also be given the opportunity to explore medical marijuana.

The Department of Health is also considering adding depression, arthritis, diabetes, insomnia and PTSD as conditions qualifying for medical cannabis. The decision will be made by next month.

CBD oil for autism

Very little is known about autism, and if CBD oil could help autistic kids to be more functional, then it would be an amazing medical breakthrough. There is much hope, and an Israeli pediatric nurse who had 10 autistic children in her care said that CBD oil for autism had reduced violent episodes and anxiety considerably. This form of medical cannabis causes no “high”, and is the form of medical cannabis being considered for treating autistic children.

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