Cannabis oil for epilepsy

St. Louis ( reports on a case of severe seizure in a two-year-old boy, Lafe McGee, who was treated successfully with hemp oil after doctors saw no other way. Lafe suffered severe seizures since birth and was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at the age of one.

His mom, Dana, says he was on four types of medication at one time and she was told by medical professionals they were trying their best to find some medication that would help. It was a chemistry experiment.

Cannabis oil for seizures could help many

Nearly 20 000 people in Missouri suffer from intractable epilepsy where cannabinoid oil, also called CBD oil, was legalized for medicinal use in 2014. The first legal cannabis oil production is already underway and is proving helpful to people suffering from epilepsy.

Earlier this year, Lafe almost died because of complications. His heart stopped and he had to under go CPR for six minutes to safe his life. Doctors told his family they were out of options. Shortly after, he was granted approval to use CBD cannabis oil for epilepsy.

Dana says that the effect of the oil was nothing short of miraculous. Lafe is currently 41 days free of seizure for the first time in his little life. He says “Mamma” and “Dada”, he says “no” and plays with his brother. This is a complete turnaround, as they never expected to see these things.

The family said they realize they have only used CBD oil for three months and that very little research is available. They found the unknown really scary as far as side effects are concerned, but then again the side effects of other medication he was on for three years could prove even worse, so they are willing to take the risk.

His mom says there is no comparison, it is just amazing how Lafe’s life has changed, and everything looks so much brighter for his future.

Cannabis oil for epilepsy

Infantile Spasm medication containing CBD is in the pipeline.

Infantile spasm (IS), a specific type of seizure in patients diagnosed with epilepsy, usually occurs in the first year between 4-8 months in babies. In the United States each year between, 2000 and 4000 new cases are reported. The prognosis for patients with infantile spasms is alarming, as cognitive and developmental delay is severe.

Because CBD is a relatively new treatment, patients whose neurologists suggest and sign approval for treatment using CBD oil often do not know where to obtain it from a safe source. Education on the use and production of cannabis oil for epilepsy is critical for CBD oil to become trusted as a reputable medicine.

A biopharmaceutical company focusing on discovering, developing and commercializing cannabinoid products announced that infantile spasms were targeted for its Epidiolex pediatric epilepsy development program. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted them Orphan Drug Designation for Epidiolex (cannabidiol or CBD) for the treatment of IS. They expect to commence a two-part pivotal Phase 3 study in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The natural solution.

It might take some time until this medication leaves the pipeline.  In the meantime Endoca offers a natural, safe alternative with products that tick every box on safety requirements and good practice. It is advisable not to stop seizure medication while CBD oil is used, and to do so under supervision of your health practitioner. It should also be borne in mind that nothing works for everyone, and that CBD is officially not regarded as a treatment for seizures at time of writing.

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