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New age nuns find medical uses for cannabis oil

Medical uses for cannabis oil

A pair of very unconventional nuns are finding medical uses for cannabis oil. In California, their home state, they are breaking the law by growing cannabis plants, but the sisters assured the Mail Online that they grow plants that contain very little THC and mainly CBD. This means that they’re not making people ‘high’ with their produce.

Sister Kate and Darcy say that what they’re doing is good for the planet. Working from Sister Kate’s home, they make cannabis oils, tinctures and salves using their home-grown hemp. They say medical uses for cannabis oil include migraines and generalized aches and pains.

Business as usual despite the ban

The women, who say that they are not affiliated to the Catholic Church but nevertheless see themselves as nuns, say that they know their work is illegal, but will nevertheless continue to grow cannabis and make their herbal remedies. “Our medicine is medicine” says Sister Darcy, adding that although they have deliberately chosen non-psychoactive hemp, they feel that all types of cannabis should be legalized.

Sister Kate is vocal about the “immorality” of the cannabis ban, saying that it’s “against the will of the people”. She says that she became convinced as to the beneficial properties of cannabis after using it to help wean her brother off heroin – a possible use about which there has been speculation but no concrete scientific evidence.

Working from ‘moon to moon’ in Sister Kate’s kitchen

Every day, the nuns don their habits and get to work in Sister Kate’s kitchen, concocting their remedies using basic kitchen equipment. As far as they’re concerned, they’re not doing anything wrong, and may be helping people suffering from a range of ailments.

Sister Kate says that they initially aimed to make a salve for people suffering from arthritis and joint pain, but because the ingredients they use are all “food grade”, some of their clients have reported taking it orally and finding it effective for migraines. They also say their salve helps to relieve ear aches and other types of pain.

Medical uses for cannabis oil

Sisters say they are helping nature, helping people and treating ills

Sister Kate says these three elements form a ‘trinity’ on which they base their philosophy. Because their cannabis isn’t grown for recreational purposes and doesn’t contain enough THC to make anyone high, they feel that California’s ban on cannabis commerce simply doesn’t apply to them.

What’s your view? Should the sisters “repent”?

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