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Did medical cannabis extend the life of cancer sufferer?

medical cannabis

Did medical cannabis extend the life of cancer sufferer?

A report from New Castle News tells the story of a registered nurse who says she was given three months to live after her second colon cancer diagnosis. Considering that her conventional treatment options were limited, Sara Bargas chose to relocate to Oregon, where she would have access to medical cannabis. Three years on, she is still very much alive, and although she still has cancer, it hasn’t progressed any further.

medical cannabis

Bargas says that even her doctors were surprised, and that her oncologist now says that he questions conventional wisdom regarding her condition. The mother of three recently returned to Lawrence County just in time for its governor’s approval of a medical marijuana bill that will allow her to continue her self-medication using cannabis oil.

According to the new law, patients will be able to obtain traceable legal cannabis on prescription, but will not be allowed to grow or produce their own cannabis-based medications. Bargas who has become an advocate for medical cannabis is overjoyed, by this sign of progress, but is concerned about the amount of time it will take for the legislation to take effect.

“I need a program here now,” she says, alluding to the two-year time frame that legislators say will be needed to get the necessary systems and structures into place. As a result, she travels to states where she can obtain legal cannabis medications.

Bargas observes that she was previously prescribed narcotics that kept her in a “haze” making it difficult to progress with normal daily life.

Dr Stoner says he’s seen Cannabis work for his patients

A medical doctor consulted by New Castle Daily News, coincidentally named ‘Dr Stoner’, says that he has not only read about the possible benefits of cannabis as a treatment for a wide range of illnesses, but has observed it at first hand.

He speaks of patients he has seen benefitting from medical cannabis, including one who suffered from a rare disease called reflex sympathetic dystrophy. It should be noted that the doctor did not prescribe cannabis, but since his patient seems to be benefitting from it, he has no objection to its use.

And although many members of the public are concerned about an increase in cannabis abuse after medical marijuana bills are passed, Stoner says that the same concern exists for accepted chronic medications such as morphine, which has the potential to be even more addictive and damaging.

medical cannabis
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Medical Cannabis, a final word from Bargas

Bargas comments on the finding that opiate deaths have been reduced in states with medical marijuana programs, saying that cannabis boosts the effect of opioids so that patients need less drugs to manage pain.

In the meantime, Bargas will be returning to Oregon to obtain her next 60 day cannabis oil treatment course. She has been told that she is “waiting to die” but, she says, she has discovered the true joy of living in the life that she is convinced has been extended by cannabis oil use. Can medical cannabis truly extend the life of cancer sufferer?

medical cannabis

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