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At last! Mandatory lab tests for cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil

If you’re using cannabis oil, you need to know how potent the cannabinoid concentration is, or you won’t be able to work out how much you need to use. You’ll also get variable results depending on the type and concentration of cannabinoids. Many people have had unpleasant experiences when a marijuana product they’ve been using for some time suddenly delivers more ‘kick’ than they were expecting. And although CBD cannabis oil won’t make you intoxicated, you still need to know potency.

You also need to know that your product is free of toxins from mold fungi, and you want the assurance that your cannabis oil is pesticide free – or at least doesn’t exceed ‘safe’ pesticide residue levels. The Durango Herald reports:

Licensing labs: Colorado takes its time

Colorado has been aware of the need for mandatory testing of cannabis oil and other cannabis-related products for some time. The Colorado General Assembly announced that mandatory testing by a licensed laboratory would be introduced. The measure takes effect from the 1st of July 2016, but to date, no labs have been licensed to do the testing.

Two labs are asking the state to provide licenses, but the framework for getting one isn’t yet in place. A councillor says that the measure will definitely be implemented, but that there are several adjustments that need to be made to cannabis regulations and that officials hope to introduce all changes simultaneously at an unspecified date.

Accreditation involves a “stringent process”

In a disturbing report in June this year, journalists found that tainted cannabis oils with dangerous levels of pesticides were finding their way onto the market. Some of them even had genuine-looking lab test results attached to them.

But becoming an accredited testing facility isn’t easy, and Colorado labs hoping to achieve recognition for the integrity of their process, procedures and business dealings may have a long time to wait before they get the all-important certification. They worry that the delay may cause prospective clients to go elsewhere, hurting their fledgling businesses.

Growers’ compliance with law will create a boom in demand

The Durango Herald reports that the new requirement for testing cannabis oil and other medical cannabis products will affect 780 medical cannabis facilities and 540 recreational grow facilities around the state.

Regulations governing pesticide testing are not yet in place, but at least Colorado medical cannabis users will know what cannabinoids they’re consuming and how much they’re getting. The news report says that requirements for pesticide testing are expected to follow soon.

It is hoped that other states will follow suit. Ultimately, knowing what you’re consuming when you use medical cannabis oil is an important issue, and that’s just one of the reasons why tighter regulation of the cannabis industry is needed.

Cannabis oil

Is your cannabis oil safe?

How safe do you think your cannabis oil is? Are you happy to take it on trust? Do you believe test results from labs, and what would you like to see in lab reports?

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