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Endoca Hemp oil makes the front page of Spanish Newspaper

Published on: 05/23/16

Cannabis Angelman Syndrome

300 Spanish families illegally give cannabis to their sick children

12/05/16 Endoca Hemp oil makes the front page of Spanish Newspaper ‘El Mundo’ in an article written by current Spanish Journalist of the Year, Pedro Simon.

In an exclusive interview, we hear how CBD oil has changed the life of 6-year-old Maria, a child suffering with the debilitating condition Angelman Syndrome. After just 3 months of taking Endoca CBD oil, she has become a different child, giving hope to her parents of a brighter future.

But by giving her the product, the administration of which is illegal to minors, her parents face the risk of having their child taken away.

This is an abridged translation.

300 Spanish families illegally give cannabis to their sick children  

  • ‘If I get caught, they could take my daughter from me’, says a mother whose child has Angelman syndrome
  • The majority of the children have autism, epilepsy or cancer
  • ‘They told us there was no treatment available, which is true. But there are things that help her to feel better’.

It’s a small bottle containing 10ml of oil costing 160 euros, bought furtively from California and lasting a month. It’s illegal and and has a strong taste, not unsurprising for an infusion made from grass.

But according to some parents, with the appropriate dosage and under medical supervision, this type of cannabinoid called cannabidiol helps children with mobility issues to walk better and others who can’t maintain eye contact to have better concentration. Other children who before couldn’t sit still, are now much calmer and there are even cases of children who previously couldn’t speak, but are now beginning to utter the occasional word.

Cannabis Angelman syndrome : Does it help?

This has been going on for the last three months, or at least it has in the case of Maria, a six-year-old-girl with Angelman syndrome, learning disabilities and a tendency to fall over due to her trembling legs.

We can’t reveal her full name “because”, says the little girl’s mother, “if they catch me doing this, they’ll take away my child”.

Until three months ago, Maria’s medication consisted of 3 antiepileptic pills each day, melatonin to help her sleep, tranquilizers and medication to help her go to the bathroom.

After spending a year investigating alternatives, the first delivery of cannabidiol arrived: six drops each night, five in the morning and a host of new awakenings for Maria.

“Before she was like a little earthquake, I couldn’t leave her alone for a moment without her getting into some bother”, says Luisa, Maria’s mother.   

“Now I can leave her while I’m cooking or hanging out the washing and she just stays where she is. Before I had to say 10,000 times to turn off the light and now she does it after the second. Before when she managed to get out of the house onto the street, she’d never come back when I called. But now she returns immediately. Her teacher knows that she’s taking cannabis and that it’s illegal. But she thinks it’s amazing because of the results she’s seeing. You’re going to think I’m crazy when I say this, but I’m enjoying having a normal daughter. Well not exactly normal because none of us ever are of course.”

Cannabis Angelman Syndrome
At Endoca

As well as Maria there’s Javier with West Syndrome, Marcos with autism and Lucas with epilepsy.

In Spain, at least 300 families like that of Luisa and Maria are medicating their children with cannabidiol (CBD), according to information given by Dosemociones, an association for medical cannabis users. Finding no solution in the normal routes, out of desperation they speak to parents of other ill children, consult scientific experts and end up trying what is prohibited by law.

Legally an adult can consume CBD Oil

Legally an adult can consume CBD as long as THC – the illegal substance – is not above 0.2%.

“I don’t know how people can think that I’m drugging my daughter, when if we kill her taking an approved medication, there’s no problem. But just by giving her this product, they could take away my child. I find it difficult to understand.”

“My sister in law says I’m drugging my child, but I don’t care what she says. What’s important to me is my daughter”.

The Cannabidiol is administered to the children under the supervision of a group of doctors, who increase or reduce the dosage depending on each case and follow their progress throughout the course of a treatment. The majority are cases are autism, epilepsy and cancer.

“The day that my daughter answers a question, we will throw a massive party”, says Maria’s mother.

And then when we go to leave, Maria does something extraordinary. Her mother looks on, amazed. The little girl walks out with great difficulty, smiling, while waving to say goodbye.

Cannabis Angelman Syndrome

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Disclaimer: Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Endoca and its staff. This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or cure. Endoca CBD products have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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