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Cannabinoid oil for sale: don’t take pot luck!

Cannabinoid oil
At Endoca™ our primary focus is to research and develop innovative Hemp extracts and to make them accessible world-wide. We are dedicated to producing the finest and purest quality CBD oil while never compromising on quality. Our primary goal is to develop different high quality Hemp extracts with broad profile of cannabinoids and other natural molecules found in Hemp and to identify their distinct properties.

Cannabinoid oil for sale: don’t take pot luck!

If you’ve been looking for cannabinoid for sale, you’re probably on the right track: but how informed are you? What cannabinoids are you hoping to find, and how will you know that the cannabinoid oil for sale online actually contains what the website claims it does? In most countries, you won’t have much better luck in your local health products shop. You can find something that purports to be cannabinoid oil for sale, but the rest of your questions remain unanswered.

The specific cannabinoid you’re looking for

Are you looking for THC or are you looking for CBD? You’ll find both in almost any cannabinoid oil for sale these days, but the balance of cannabinoids is crucial to the effect it will have when you actually use it. Of course there are other cannabinoids in any plant-based Cannabis extract, but THC and CBD have been the most widely researched and provide the widest range of potential health benefits and potentially curative properties.

In fact, THC and CBD seem to share many similar properties and potential uses as medicines, but there’s one big difference: THC makes you stoned while CBD doesn’t. Assuming that you don’t want to get stoned, but still hope to find a natural remedy that has shown enormous promise in clinical trials, you’re looking for something special in cannabinoid oil for sale.

Marijuana vs hemp

Marijuana has been bred and selected for generations to get the highest THC content and the lowest CBD content possible. That’s because CBD actually counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, and when you’re breeding Marijuana, you’re breeding for the high.

Hemp, on the other hand, has been bred to have a lower THC content, and certain cultivars contain the barest traces of THC and have a high concentration of CBD instead. Just as you have ‘strong’ strains of high-THC Marijuana, there are also strains of hemp that have more CBD than others.

If you think of a plant as a vessel that can hold only so much of a cocktail of cannabinoids, this gets easier to understand.

I found cannabinoid oil for sale. It’s supposed to be high in CBD: how do I know if this is true?

Now we’re getting to a really tricky question. How do you know what’s actually in the bottle?  Unless there’s some form of third party certification, manufacturers can say anything they like about their product, and you won’t even be able to tell if it’s true when you start using it. Obviously, if it makes you stoned, it can’t have a very high concentration of CBD, but remember that there are other cannabinoids too – so even if it doesn’t get you high, you still don’t know what dose of CBD you’re taking.

Heaven knows how long it will take the FDA to get around to some form of regulation and stop telling us to pretend that hemp oil is used only as a food and not a medicine. Of course, there are culinary hemp oils out there, but they’re not up to therapeutic grade. So the FDA is out of the picture as a body that can help you find what you want when you’re looking for cannabinoid oil for sale.

Does that mean I have to take ‘pot’ luck after all?

Fortunately, the EU is a bit ahead of the curve. Manufacturers in Europe can get Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. In order to achieve this, they have to prove that they not only use good manufacturing practices that don’t pose any health threat to the consumer, they also have to comply with good laboratory practices and good clinical practices – especially if they’re selling their product as a health supplement. That means they can’t just say any old thing about their products and expect you to believe them! If they say that a hemp oil product contains a certain percentage of CBD, it has to be proven that this is actually the case.

Don’t take chances with uncertified products

It’s not just a matter of the cannabinoid concentrations you‘re getting: you also have to ask yourself just how the plant was grown and how the oil was extracted. Remember that a plant-based oil extract is highly concentrated and contains everything that was in the plant in a concentrated form – and that includes any pesticide residues that were in the plant material.

And not all extraction methods that yield an oil extract are ‘clean’ processes. Check out any forum on cannabinoid oil extraction, and you’ll find mention of more solvents than you can throw a stick at. What’s in those solvents, and how much of it is getting into your oil? It’s best not to take any chances! You could end up with something that makes you sicker instead of making you better.

The bottom line

Know what cannabinoids you’re looking for and what they do.

Look for GMP certification (it’s the best guarantee you can get at the moment)

Know about the processes used and check where and how the plants were grown.

It’s worth doing your homework. And you should definitely not buy just any cannabinoid oil for sale.

Author: Andrea Durrheim

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