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Order CBD oil – but don’t get scammed!

Published on: 03/9/16

Order CBD oil
At Endoca

Order CBD oil – but don’t get scammed!


Why exactly are you here?

Have you arrived on this page seeking information about CBD oil? Do you want to know about the benefits this product has to offer?  Do you want to order CBD oil? Do you want best value without compromising on quality? Do you have any reservations or are you worried of being scammed?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have arrived at the right page.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a vegetable oil derived from hemp ( Cannabis Sativa L.). Hemp is in the same genus or family of plants as Marijuana. This fact tends to cause unnecessary controversy.

Hemp differs from Marijuana in that it produces minimal quantities of THC ( below 0,3%), the ingredient responsible for a marijuana high. Although the two plants share many properties, you cannot get high from smoking or consuming hemp.

Rather, CBD or hemp oil contains high concentration levels of a different Cannabinoid, namely Cannabidiol or CBD for short. 

Is it legal to order CBD oil?

It is perfectly legal to import CBD oil into the USA, provided such oil was made from hemp. Oil derived from medical marijuana requires a prescription and may only be used in states where it is legal. If you are in doubt, a local medical practitioner will be able to advise.

Fortunately, our CBD oil is extracted from 100% organically grown hemp. We take testing seriously and a lot of money is expended on laboratories to ensure quality, purity and consistency. We offer a range of affordable CBD products that can easily be ordered online.

What should  I look for when I order CBD oil?

Does the company actually exist? The internet is a wonderful platform for commerce, but scam artists abound. Before you fall victim to fraud, check the status of the company. Does it have a physical address? Does it have a website? Does it employ staff? Does it own assets? Can you call and speak to an actual person? Is it, like Endoca, a reputable and trustworthy company? Scammers will usually only provide an email address.

Can the company prove the quality of their product? Can you trust your supplier to provide a high quality product without compromising on price? Is the extraction process monitored by scientists or are you dealing with a kitchen chemist wielding a can of butane? People who order CBD oil can seldom be sure they are getting what they paid for. At Endoca, we only make use of organically grown hemp. We test for everything, including pesticides and heavy metals. We are able to offer test results from third party laboratories showing our CBD oil is consistently of the highest quality.

Is the oil psycho-active or non-psychoactive? Before you order CBD oil, check the ingredient values of the product. If the product is non-psychoactive, it will have a high CBD content but will show only trace elements of THC. Our range is comprised solely of the highest quality non-psychoactive products and caters for a broad cross-section of health. 


When you order CBD oil, the last thing you want is to be tricked out of your hard earned cash. With a minefield of scam artists to contend with, and the danger of kitchen chemists being rife, we at Endoca empathise with your plight.

Fortunately, we are able to supply you with a range of high quality, laboratory tested products. Our attention to detail and insistence in applying outstanding health a safety regulations means you can be guaranteed of the finest CBD oil.

We are able to back our claims with outstanding results derived from third party laboratory tests. This ensures our products to be of a consistently high standard.

With a verifiable history of exporting thousands of products, Endoca has shown that it has the capacity to deliver. If you plan to order CBD oil online, look no further. Our secure online process has been simplified for your convenience. Alternatively contact us should you have any queries we can assist you with.

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Disclaimer: Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Endoca and its staff. This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or cure. Endoca CBD products have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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