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CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Weighs In On Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis

CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Weighs In On Medical Cannabis

If you thought the movement for legalization of marijuana is being driven by a bunch of pot smoking hippies, you’d best think again. Respected members of civil society, many of them professionals in their field, are heading up the calls for governments to relinquish their strict medical cannabis prohibition laws.

Chief Medical Consultant for CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, is one of many professionals who have called for a medical marijuana revolution. According to Dr Gupta, the indications are that society is more than ready to accept medical cannabis in modern medicine.

Why does Dr. Gupta think this way?

Gupta believes people’s attitudes to cannabis have softened. Mainstream media are reporting on marijuana legalization more seriously. Marijuana is no longer a sensationalistic tool used by editors to sell their papers.

Politicians are speaking openly about cannabis. This is massive if one winds the clock to a mere ten years back. At that time, showing any support for marijuana would have cost the ambitious politician his position in office.

Scientists were previously reluctant to stake their professional reputations in the stigmatized world of cannabis research. Today these men and women are forging ahead undeterred. Their work into cannabis research is yielding encouraging results and cutting edge developments are being made in the field of modern medicine.

Law enforcement officials have also come to the party in support of the legalization of cannabis. Their time and resources are often tied up chasing down petty possession convictions. Should marijuana be legalized, police would be free to dedicate more time to pressing matters which include violent crime, human trafficking and chasing down cocaine cartels.

Medical cannabis

Weed documentaries

Dr. Gupta has been involved in the making of a number of “weed doccies.” He admits to his initial reservations when the first was released in 2013. He was concerned as to how the public would react and shied away from taking a controversial stance.

“Weed 3” has been released. It follows the remarkable story of the first federally approved clinical study using medical cannabis on a patient suffering from PTSD. Dr. Gupta points out that patients are not unkempt hippies high on pot. Patients are high profile businessmen and women; doctors, lawyers and investment brokers. They are finding genuine relief for their suffering in an area where traditional medications have failed says Gupta.

No time to waste

Dr. Gupta says there is no time to waste in the roll out of a globally accepted medical cannabis program. He says it is easy to fall into the trap of doing nothing and acknowledges that as a medical professional he himself is guilty of doing just that.

Gupta says that studies on medical marijuana products, including hemp oil, hemp creams and even hemp suppositories have shown encouraging results in studies, and may prove useful in the treatment of a wide range of ailments. At the same time, people don’t want to wait any longer for medical cannabis legalization. Gupta concludes that the time to make cannabis available to patients is now.

Medical cannabis

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